How to get big bold brows like Dua Lipa?

by Thursday, October 19, 2017

You may or may not know about Dua Lipa New Rules Song, but if you passed to check out her eyebrows, (sorry to tell you) you are so behind the game. Good news – you can absolutely overpass that with todays dish we served. May I introduce -stars of the day: Dua Lipa Eyebrows! Bushy, Sexy, Present, Re-Lent-Less! 

What do you need to know about these two beauties. Well, they surely can not sing as Dua Lipa but they are a fierce breed of its own. They make every makeup look more cool. They can never hide underneath those (Dior SO real Pop) Sunglasses which Dua Lipa wears in her latest video while she walks on water and they are big, bold,  beautiful. They may even contribute to that superpower of hers floating on water like Jesus, while buzzing out tones about a jerk, you (or she) do not want to call again. So don’t pick up the phone, instead follow me within my Brow Tour I have prepared today. The Recipe is easy but needs some slow cooking – pluck, swish, colour, style and have the gut to wear ’em like two crowns.


Here are some of my favourite brow products, since I almost gave up my makeup routine and stuck with my brows since Babychi is with me. The basic steps you have to take are:


Pluck & Cut

tweeze, cut, remove all that disturbant little hair above&below your brow arch. Remember if you are aiming for a rockstar brow like dua lipa:

less plucking = more effect


with brow pencil or brow powder. Depending how intense you want to go.


with brow mascaras or transparent gels depending how much drama you need in your face (or life).


create the perfect light reflections in order to additionally get the focus on your brow.

Pluck it/Cut it: Hudabeauty x Tweezerman. These beauties do not need too many words. They come and they conquer. Create the perfect brow, without even starting to pimp them with other decorative tools.

@ instagram/tweezerman

@ instagram/tweezerman

THE ALLROUNDER: The most amazing products by far I have experienced with my own two bushes in the face are by andmetics. Though I cant use their wax products (thanks allergy) the palette for your brows is amazing. I have tried out the andmetics powder trio and andmetics brow mascara. They suit my brow needs completely. Using them separately to create different looks, or together if I want some big bold brows.

andmetics brow styling kit

andmetics brow styling kit


Brow Pencils and Highlighting Sticks:  

Estee Lauder the Brow Multitasker – combines 3 in 1 actually and is a pancil, a shade and a brush. Everything your brow needs in just one pencil. You decide how much boldness you can take.

Isadora Eye Lifter Duo highlighter is the absolut perfect add-on to surround your brow and highlight it in a beautiful way. Underneath your browarch, on your eye coming in a sparkiling and matte end.

Lancome Le Sourcil Pro is a Browliner and Highlighter in one – the dark liner is really hard, which gives me the ideal portion of colour for my brow – oh and the highlighter part – soft and luminous…

L.O.V. Cosmetics Browtittude – the pencil is soft, but can be blended with the brush. Great quality for an affordable price.

Brow Pencils and Highlighters

Brow Gels:

Laura Mercier Brow Dimension – short brush is easy to handle

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows brush can carry a lot. In just a few strokes a very bold result.

Mac Cosmetics Brow Set (translucent) for a no makeup makeup look. It sets the brows really beautifully. Make sure you don’t use double brow product. I have tried it and got a very “weird” result.

Arabesque Eyebrow Styling Gel in a nuance which is a bit lighter than my natural brow. Also very natural with a formed brush.

best brow gels





For more Browspiration check out the Ultimate Brow Guide at Man Repeller by Charlotte Tilbury.



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