Who the hell is Avigail Collins?

by Thursday, May 18, 2017
Avigail Collins - THE Style Mastermind

Avigail Collins – THE Style Mastermind

Well… apparently she’s THE stylist of 2017 according to WhoWhatWear. Not only has Avigail been the life saviour regarding styling for Divas like Rihanna, Emeli Sande, Ciara, Jessie Ware (adore her), Ms.Dynamite, Rox, Lorde or IT Girls like Daisy Love. Along with her husband, also Stylist (Damian Collins) and their brand Silver Spoon Attire she has created a style, no even more a lifestyle, suddenly all the celebrities worship. Street couture is what would describe best the work of Avigail Collins. Remember that -beanie with a veil- hype few years ago? You could pretty much say that she is partly responsible for that one. Silver Spoon Attires (founded back in 2008) first big success were exactly – the beanie veil! Avigail is responsible for that amazing fashion transformation Singer Lorde took, or the breathtaking look of Jessie Ware in the Video Night Light. Some of the most rememberable Celebrity Red carpet Looks, Editorial Shootings, Music Videos, Music Covers, Commercials come from Avigail. Her contribution was and is so enormous that she works with many designers closely and creates looks for World Tours of some most influenced musicians. Read more within The Lifestyle Edit Career Talk with Avigail Collins

Lorde styled by Avigail Collins

I love the Guccis of this world and all of the big brands – they excite me – but it’s the smaller brands that I can really make a difference with. Anyone can become a stylist and put an artist in a Gucci suit but you really need to do your research to find out who’s next.

Quote from THE Lifestyle Edit

If you ask yourself at this point WHY she has become such an influential fashion advisor? (‘cause I am asking actually) Here I have a few thoughts about this:

  • Mixing unmatchable, bringing excitement and curiosity what will come next f.e. Bored of jeans – Try the new tracksuit corset trend
  • She is creating completely new and unseen looks with (mostly) young designers/brands – forming new trends instead following the boring (current) rules of fashion industry
  • She dresses Celebrities. As good as they look – they are not models and you have to be very talented to make them look the best!
  • Celebrities do tend to have very “strong opinions” so her emotional, social intelligence and tolerance is probably one of her biggest strengths
  • Reaching out for the right people – knowing who she wants to cooperate with and knowing who matches her aesthetics and nature best
  • She works, works and works
  • And as a romantic ending I like myself thinking that love is one of her biggest drives – contributing together with her husband and making the fashion industry a bit more exciting.
Red Carpet Looks by Avigail Collins

Red Carpet Looks by Avigail Collins


Silver Spoon Attire Beret with a Veil

Silver Spoon Attire Beret with a Veil


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