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by Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hey guys, remember how easy it is (see here and here) to do a little makeover with just a few moves like Pillows, Accessoires, Wallpaper and Co? Well, I take it back. Its not that easy at all. After scrolling through so many sites and choosing in whats too much or don’t, after finding one perfect piece and then nothing that matches quite as right, my mission “Office Makeover” got so hard. Yes, after spending so much on my office equipment – the budget is below low. Ironically when you do not have a dime, the wishes overwhelm you. I was suddenly in a rush needing a mirror, a rug, pillows, a desk, chair, lamp, wallpaper and more.Skandi, Modern, Glamour yes yes and yes. A bit of it all. After all who can do eclectic as well as Chi? So basically I had to take a break from makeover before I have even started. Where did it get me? Far! I decided that a small an very neat office space can be really charming and that I am going to work with what I have already. The two things I wanted actually to do are:

– a) Organize well
– b) Beautify it with as less moves as I can

Narrowed down it meant: I need organizer tools, definitely a moodwall and aΒ wallpaper rounding it all up. I have searched so long for wallpapers, all over the world actually. Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and in the end I found one that suits me best at Esprit. Strange, right? I have never thought that they would have home accessories. A place where I always brows is also home24 even when I am not looking for something, I find so many inspirations for my home. And thank God for Pinterest. You are always there when I need you.

So here my current home office makeover selection


Polygon Shelf by Luka Stepan as seen on made.com


Corkwall as Moodboard found on Amazon

Esprit wallpaper with subtle golden motives

All I need now is more sleep and power to have actually pursue my little makeover. I’ve decided also to use some alternative materials I find lying around, like woodpieces, metal fences and similar. Sounds rough but spares me from financial suicide.

Β In case you need more beautiful Office Desk ideas, here a Pinboard – help yourself. You’re welcome!


Home Office Makeover PINboard

Home Office Makeover PINboard


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