Fashion is dead, lets buy clothes!

by Thursday, December 14, 2017

Why its so hard to get back to reality? Because the series of tectonic shifts which has happened the time I was gone online is huge. I became a mother, I was ill, had a phase where I had to re-live my childhood, fight to understand my new identity, my broken childhood relationships, my missing father, the relationship between my mother and father and understanding my history better in order to get to know me better. It broke me down so many times – physically and psychological, so all the other things I did, had to be paused. I had to hear myself clearly, because Babychi voice was voice enough this whole time (and it is a beautiful one). I found some logical explanations for my behavior and conditions within the article Birth of a mother which made me even more confident that I am not going crazy. I realized: Here I am, again – as a newborn (mother).

Rationally, my great passion for fashion just had to wait in line. Ironically the tectonic shifts within the fashion world had became dramatic as well. Shallowness, uniformity, cheap labour, cheap garments, the birth of a throw-away culture, new media, fake luxury and finally the death of fashion as we know it, back in 2015 (according to Li Edelkoort) made it even more delightful for me to take this life change and seeing the economy of clothes (instead of fashion) taking over the world. My “old” passion – dead, my old me – gone. The situation: complicated and (for me) somehow frustrating. I couldn’t put a word out in this (to me) unexplained and somehow wrong sitation. (Why would anyone burn tons of clothes, instead of giving them to poor in the world?) So Edelkoorts explanation was saviour.

“Now that several garments are offered cheaper than a sandwich we all know and feel that something is profoundly and devastatingly wrong,” writes Li Edelkoort.

I could quote the whole Edelkoorts Anti Fashion Manifesto, but I am not going to (okay maybe a few lines) just read the whole thing here. This woman made me very confident by putting in words how I feel about fashion these last few years. Lost! I find myself in almost every line, so for all those of you who haven’t found explanation about that giant question mark above your head, here’s solution. I am not offering a new insight, but a precious one! One is sure, if the fashion as we know it – is dead, then surely it needs a rebirth too. Am I going to grow as the new fashion grows as well? I very much hope so, I will try so. So what can we expect from this “new fashion era” except more and more it-girls with less and less content according to Li Edelkoort?

A brand new consumer – transforming clothes and designing their own wardrobes. Comeback of couture as the ultimate source of inspiration (and exception from the mass media products) and clothes as the new trend and therefore trend forecasting focused on the new consumer. Its a circle actually. Will it break down and when, we have to wait and see. For now its about seeing it expand, grow and develop. All things I need to focus on my own as well.


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