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by Thursday, April 13, 2017

Lately… all I can think about is vacation. After two years it is about time. The cliche about wind in the hair, summer breezin’, sunkissed skin and above all laziness is all over my mind. Reading books, bathing, just lying there on the beach, thinking nothing, daydreaming about silly things. First thing comin’ to my mind 7 days in sunny june by Jamiroquai, a tune not to be forgotten, ever. Ironically and very superficial the second thing are bikinis, palmtrees, pineapples, maxidresses, flamingos, scarfs floating the air, maybe a bit of Solanges Cranes in the Sky, golden boho necklaces which knot my (now long, haha) hair on the neck. Mostly my vivid imagination adventures end up in misadventures. Reason enough to look for online help. If you think now Books, Guides and Co. – Wrong. I stay chinspired through visual food, through stories, fashion, design, art, cuisine and so much more.

Lately (again) I found myself caught on EDITORIAL by Zalando. While browsing in order to find the perfect and lightest sneaker of all (I was actually tend to adidas NMD) my adventure ended up in finding too damn many sneakers. And it got worse: my Tropicali Vibes embodied in prints, bags and baguettes. Wouldn’t know whats worse: having too much options or none of it. Misadventure again? For sure, but at least in great style!

Sneakers by Even & Odd via EDITORIAL

Sneakers by Even & Odd via EDITORIAL too much love…

Oh sweet suffering, what could possibly feel worse, than slurfing that Lime Flirtinni without that statement shades mirroring the sparkly seaside. A car ride without the perfect song to tune in, or the perfect accessory to pack all of my and baby Chis (hey I have a baby) stuff in it. Daydreaming deluxe…

A quick look on my watch and I know it is time to pick up my babygirl from the kindergarden soon. The Palmtree Flirtinni bubble – GONE. The shirt I am wearing for two days now is white and smelly, some old boyfriend jeans won’t make it much better, but my featherlight trench, my fedora and the Editorial advise to relax, surely will. It is okay to mix’n’match what you wear and its even preferable according to the Zalando Folks. All the best things come when you are relaxed.Β  After all, if immortals and divine beauties like Jourdan Dunn can go out on streets in cosy casualwear and take it easy, then mortals like me surely can. Though even a rug would look good on Jourdan, I am confident petite mums like me, can also look pretty damn good on a daily base. The best two style advises I can give you in order not to like proper #momsters, is to invest in less pieces but good pieces (as good as your wallet can take) and to be aware what looks good on you. That way whatever you grab in the morning, afternoon or night will just look amazing. If you need more tricks- check out the current Style Hightlights of the week. (browsed ’em all and absolutely worth the money!)

Love and Kissez from BabyChi & Me.


In cooperation with EDITORIAL by Zalando


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