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by Monday, October 3, 2016

My dearest all…
I looked over my past few posts and got myself asking has it really come so far that I am writing every second, third season, worst case – a year later. I read (a lot, lot, lot more than I write!) and scroll through so much troubled thoughts and misunderstandings lately and this got me wondering: If I am being criticized for every little phrase, thought or sentence, why should I even write?

Please don’t get me wrong. Critics (and self criticism) are good, BUT! Has it come so far that everything you do is being judged within the social media? Every little small decision you make in your life, even though it could mean that you are not doing harm to anyone but yourself? And could you tell me what exactly would be wrong with that? I admit I am a critic as well and find so many things unnecessary, wrong or meaningless, but they are the mirror of our society and instead of judging it all I am trying to understand and make the best out of it.

What I am trying to say. If you are really into picking on every little particle someone says, thinks or does – you would criticize absolutely everything with no exception. Because lets face it – we are no perfect species. So I decided to publicly admit that I am all the worst cases summed into one little person:

All you haters and critics out there: I am mean, selfish, ugly, unsuccessful, intolerant, self-centered and I am going on with my disgusting little life because I just have to. Now that I am exposed and aware of the truth, there is nothing more to criticize about me and we can all move forward. Thats an ironic way how to be self aware and how to gain more confidence – face the fact that you have nothing to loose. And you have nothing to prove. I will be here for quite some time and I will be giving my best (or worst) to just live my life as it is, and document it as it is. If its shallow, you are more than welcome to avoid it.
Good Night and Good Luck.
xx Chi


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