Desigual SS 2017 LIVEstream

by Tuesday, September 6, 2016
Desigual SS2017 Inspirations pt.II

Desigual SS2017 Inspirations pt.II

After the summer is before the summer. Though I’ve managed to move in slow motion this summer, it is time to warp us all into next year. It is all about being prepared in life. So, today I am bringing you to the live Show Spring Summer 2017 by Desigual, directly to NYC Runway. Be sure to check into first row of the Desigual Fashion Show on 8th September at 21:00h Barcelona Time – 15:00h NYC Time right here on CHINSPIRE. (The Player starts within the photo below few minutes before the DesigualNYFW show after this paragraph) You can expect (as always) the unexpected: new fabrics and prints with sequined details, tie dye with jeans, ethnic stripes and so much more…

I already told you (here and here) that I wasn’t actually a big fan of Desigual few years ago, but since they have cleaned up their design, I am totally into it. I know I will always have a weakness for black clothing, but some new graphic prints are just so amazing that they had to impress me. The last Desigual Runway Show was far away from clean and monocoloured but I still loved it. The ‘more is more’ attitude and the over-the-top graphic gloves, were just pretty hell amazing. Print on print, pattern on pattern everywhere – stockings, pants, skirts, dresses, hats & caps, even shoes – just pure drama for coming fall. Doesnt matter if its tartan print, psychodelic black&white, burgundys or glitterati pieces. In order to get an appropriate warmup for the upcoming catwalk, check out the Desigual AW16!

Until then I am sending you kissez in my favorite pattern of the upcoming season. xx Chi

Chinspire x Desigual

Chinspire x Desigual

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