3 NEW female perfume classics

by Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Back to my beauty rituals and back to what I do best – give my advise and share the experience in how to choose the perfect perfume. It has been more than 100 years of Perfume Brands and an lifetime in exploring scents by our species. Within this olfactoric century we had the chance to meet perfume milestones like Poison by Dior, Opium by YSL, Angel by Thierry Mugler, CK be by Calvin Klein or the Legend itself Chanel No.5.


Nowadays there are so many perfume brands & new launches, so it’s sometimes very hard not to loose sight (or nose) for your perfect fragrance. In case you worry, I present you three new female perfumes with a strong signature and the core to become the new classics! In other words – with these three scents you are on the safe side within the perfume jungle


Hugo Boss – The Scent though it is brandnew (launched in august) and not alone within the Hugo Boss Family it has a very special kind of fresh sweetness, which is just perfect for the Fall/Winter season. The combination between Peach, Osmanthus Flower and roasted Cocoa is just dazzling and keeps my heart warm on rainy days. The Scent has something very playful and I am instantly in better mood when I smell it. The perfume bottle is a massive, modern, luxurious creation that sparkles in a radiant diamond shape. Definitely a highlight in 2016 and a standout fragrance by Hugo Boss. As seen on FLACONI.

boss the scent for her


Chloé Fleur de Parfum The legends younger sister is the Shooting Star of 2016 within the Chloé Perfume Range. Though it is a newcomer in the perfume industry it has the potential that can last decades – therefore definitely a new perfume classic. The floral rose signature and its softness speak to a lot of female (and male!) senses. The richness of the Chloé Fleur de Parfum shines lasts longer than ever before. The perfume composition is a love affair between the heart of the rose (the most precious of all) verbena blossom, milky almond and cherry blossom and let me tell you it is just a fairytale. Powdery, floral, sparkling and longlasting Chloé Fleur de Parfum shines bright within the typical luxurios Chloé Flacon dressed with an ivory ribbon. Shop HERE.



La petite Robe Noir Intense by Guerlain is one of the most intense perfumes I have experienced. I thought that the intensity of the classical La Petite Robe Noir (new version) could never be topped, but here it is. It is THE little black dress to have! Opulent, intense, in chic midnight blue – a gourmand sweet composition of vanilla, blueberry&bergamot, sandalwood&patchouli, white musk all within a glamourous midnight robe. The queen of it all – The Bulgarian Rose. As seen on the bottle design- this perfume is ready to turn so many hearts upside-down (mine already skipped a heartbeat about it). As seen on DOUGLAS.at

la petite robe noire intense guerlain

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