Mission CHImpossible or How to clear a very full head?

by Thursday, February 9, 2017

Do you know that problem when you are so overloaded with information and have so much to say that you don’t know where to begin? I caught myself asking: why not immediately write something down for example when a topic is rising in my mind, while searching and browsing the web? Answer: My almost 11 month old baby who is actually more a very cute accessory, constantly hanging somewhere on my body, hair (no you don’t wanna know). When a free minute rises, like now when she is sleeping, I only wish for a few minutes of resting, loading my battery for the time which awaits me when she wakes up and continue to crawl all over me. Eat, Sleep, Diaper, Repeat. (yeah, the rave is gone, but the diaper have their very own rave rules)

I am surely not complaining over anything here. She is adorable and I understand, love & praise her needs in first place. All I am saying that the time I once had is gone (for now). So all the things like the very personal story of Leandra Medine which made me sad but thankfull, the idiotic Trump decisions (America is a very sad place now), the CHInese New Year, The Kylie fight, The Kanye Breakdown, The Beyonce Pregnancy with Twins, The Super Body Shamed Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, then discovering series like the Young Pope or Westworld, movies like LaLaland or (again) music by Chet Faker, Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, Billie Holiday, Faith Evans or Lucy Pearl, or the brandnew Jamiroquai with his marvelous new lightning fascinator (i really do not know how to call that headpiece of his dancing in the parisian subway), then my vivid dreams, all the babybook literature I consume somewhere inbetween, mixed with a few women magazines which made me think this whole industry took a wrong turn somewhere on their journey. Articles on how to look sexy, get skinnier, fit, win your man over, what to buy, buy and again buy. Valentines Day – Stress yourself to dead in how to satisfy your partner, just ugh! Should we wonder why we body shame such talents and acrobats as Gaga? Shallow! – well all those things are cooking inside me, while babychi is climbing her way up to my head. My very full head with all kinds of stuff and milions questions rising.

Not being able to express myself these days, makes me kinda loose myself for a moment. And that can help nobody. Not me, not my baby or my family & friends. I named just a few events, feelings and stories here. There are soooo many many more burning. I will try to channel them and release my head from that enormous pressure inside. Is it selfish? Maybe. But maybe my selfishness will help some of you with the same questions. Maybe we can talk and help each other? Sharing is caring after all, once again and always.

Lets Talk. What have you discovered and been thinkin about lately?

oh and ps. I miss my short hair! πŸ˜€

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