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by Monday, January 16, 2017

When I found out that home24 ‘went offline’ (meaning they opened a showroom in Vienna) I was instantly hitched. My last half of year I spent in building (from grounds up) a brandnew home and choosing every single piece of furniture/decoration. A handmade kitchen and table, upcycled chairs, a walk in closet and storage room, were just some of my projects. Beside the ideas I already had in mind and in order to make the most out of my living space, I had to search for inspirations and living solutions online. One of them was home24 – the onlineshop specialized in interiour, offers everything your heart can wish for within your own four walls. Not only you can enjoy your standard online shopping experience by category, colour or style, you can also find a variety of very useful inspirations for your home. The editorial work behind home24 is profoundly and carefully selected, paying attention to upcoming living TRENDS – like Greenery as Colour of the Year for 2017 and the style you personally prefer at home. How to combine colours, make the space most usable and enjoyable, are just some of the extras home24 offers. And that being not enough, I am presenting you a CHInterview  with Eloise Kordaris, Art Director of home24 and an expert when it comes to Interiour Design. Beside upcoming trends in living, her addiction to chairs and her getaways we also had a minor girlstalk moment. Check it out…

 Enjoy and stay CHInspired…

Whats THE TREND of 2017 in Interiour?

Rattan is a really big trend for 2017. It is a sophisticated take on the jungle look which has been popular for a while, mixing ethno/nature with industrial and Scandinavian styles. We are getting a lot of new pieces in Rattan for next year, specifically dining chairs and sessels, and also a love seat which I am really excited about. My favorite rattan chair, which we already have in stock is “Paila”. I see it around a simple wood dining table, like our “Finsby” table , with 5 simple bulb lamps hanging above. Our “Pendelleuchte Betoni” comes in two sizes, which would be perfect to mix here. The concrete material will tie the whole natur/skandi/industrial look together.

Pendelleuchte BETONI Inspiration...

Pendelleuchte BETONI Inspiration…


Your personal favorite piece when it comes to Home decoration? Which Style do you prefer?

My father is in the furniture industry and I always tease him that he has an addiction to chairs. It seems he’s passed this on to me as well! My favorite chair of all time is the original Eames rocking chair my parents used to rock me to sleep as a baby. My sister has been “taking care of it” since I moved to Berlin, but eventually I will bring it over. In the meantime I have a substitute favorite in the form of a 1950’s wing chair I scored at Boxhagener Platz flea market and recovered in a charcoal gray wool. It has a matching foot stool and is the perfect chair to cozy up with a blanket, cup of tea, and good book.

Home Accessories that elevate every home immediately are:

I love throw pillows. I really believe they can change the look of a whole room, and not at a huge financial expense. I rotate the throw pillows in my home all the time. Currently I like a monochromatic look. My living room has a lot of blue tones, and so I have chosen blue grey throw pillows for the sofa, an armchair, and also a few on the rug for cozy floor seating.

Curtains are another necessity in every home. They add a new layer of texture, and often help rooms appear bigger as they draw the eye up towards the ceiling. Velvet is a big trend at the moment, and velvet curtains really elevate the look of a living room or dining room. One tip I always tell people, is to hang your curtains/rods as high as you can. People often hang them directly over the window but if you hang them as high as possible, your ceilings will appear much higher and your room will feel bigger.

Lastly, never underestimate the impact of plants. We are getting lots of new plant stands into our assortment which are a cool and unique way of displaying plants in your home.

Your opinion/thoughts about upcycling furniture…

Giving a piece of furniture new pulls or a fresh coat of paint is a great way to give it new life, and also make something unique and specific to your home, normally not at a huge cost. I would suggest really considering the investment before taking on a project like re-painting a buffet or re-upholstering a chair, however. Having just spent the weekend repainting our guest bathroom, I am on a break from DIY for a while 😉


Just a few of my so many perfect findings…

The most beautiful place in the world is…

I spent last New Years hiking down and back up the Grand Canyon. I think because I’ve seen it so often in films and pictures, I didn’t have huge expectations. But it is truly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. The scale, the colors, the forms.. it will take your breath away. We were able to get a last minute spot in our own tiny cabin at the Phantom Ranch hotel, at the base of the canyon. I couldn’t recommend it enough. The hotel is bare bones, the luxury and beauty comes from spending the night literally within the grand canyon.

One thing you always carry in your handbag…

A small, easy to carry tape measure, with both inches and cm, as I always think in inches and need a quick conversion to cm.. Part of the job! but job un-related, I usually have at least one lipstick in my handbag, to take me from day to night easily. My current favorite is Glossier’s ‘Generation Jam’.


La Vieux Rattan Chair

Rattan is a really big trend for 2017.


My absolute Greenery Favs at @home24 NEST and HOUSTON!

My absolute Greenery Favs at @home24 : The cosy & warm NEST and the very cool HOUSTON wing chair!
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