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by Saturday, June 2, 2012
L’eau Kenzo 2 for him & her was the reason I got lost in space last thursday and got on a fantastic mental ride straight to Italy. We, and by we I mean a few viennese blogger girls like Mirela (coral&mauve), Petra (kirschblΓΌte), Jen (goldmarie) Anna (mangoblΓΌte), Thanh (HelloKitty), Nina (berrysandpassion), Sylvia (dontYouWishYouHadSomeMore)  arrived in this tiny fattoria called il Colella in the Inner City of Vienna and right from my first step in this lovely space I was lost… Lost in music, the lovely interiour, the people and even more within the lovely KENZO Idea to present fresh & new ‘Lovely DUO’ L’Eau Kenzo 2 here. No wonder Rome was the inspiration for Kenzo Parfums and the revival of the Kenzo classics, but yet it is fusion kitchen we have to talk about here, like Japan meets Italy Style…
La Fattoria & Kenzo
Back to our come-together… The bubbly wine by Fatoreffe only made me feel more of the italian spirit which I am so close to (since I am from the crazy Balkan) and I don’t need much of it, since my normal condition is kinda hyperactive. So, while we were waiting for all the bloggerettes to come, I took a splash of the L’eau Kenzo 2 for Her and my first impression was: I know this! This smells so familiar. But after guessing at least 5 times wrong on what the ingredients were (such a shame for someone who wrote 100 Years of Fashion Perfume, probably Michael Edwards would in sink in shame as well) I finally got the answer. It was pear nectar & lemon in the top notes. The core notes come floral in rose, freesia & lotus and within the base are white musk and cedar. It is just refreshing and adventurous, floral-fruity in your nose and very sensual while wearing off. And I finally found out what it reminded me of. It was Oh Lola who I was in love with in November. So much about love, you just can’t forget it no matter in what form it may come.

The very first impression of the masculine scent  L’eau 2 is bitter and peppery. Although there is NO pepper in the top note, there surely is some ginger, bitter orange and grapefruit followed by lavender and juniper berry in its core and ending like a fairytale. The base notes like vetiver, cedar and spruce wood are just the perfect finish and something I want to smell on my boyfriend. You know like it is powerful and masculine but it is not too much like those super-duper strong irish musk. Although my curious nose has more impressions of the scents, I will end it here and tell you that italians do it better, cause shortly after we all gathered we got to seduce all our sins and got the finest italian food served. I felt like back then in Berlin when I was a part of secret guerilla dinner parties with lovely crowd. I took a look out of the open window and I saw the perfect sunny day. What more could one wish…
And if you are not sleeping after such long & detailed description it is time for some visuals…
Very happy that I was a part of this. So big Thanks to Kenzo Parfums!
xx Chi

I think this is where the Fatoreffe is made πŸ™‚
Il Colella Dining Room

L’eau Kenzo 2 – A love Story

If you take me by the hand, I’ll follow you to the end of the world

And we’ll never let no one catch us

We’re 2 free spirits

In love…
The End
Kenzo L’Eau 2 for him & Her in love… They fit so lovely together, right?
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