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by Sunday, June 3, 2012
You don’t know what to do with your super old and maybe unfashionable bikini? You just can’t wear it, no matter how bad you want it, because the bikini clip is broke or your panties are weared off, too big, too small, too tall? No problem @ CALZEDONIA. You can take your old swimwear pieces until 30.06.2012 (it is just 4 weeks left, so better hurry!) to any Calzedonia Shop and get a discount. Ladies Swimwear get 5€ for purchasing a new Calzedonia Swimstyle. Mens Swimwear get 3€ and Childrens Swim-Pieces are worth 2€ while purchasing some new kiddy style at Calzedonia. All you have to do is take your old piece, find a recycling box in the Calzedonia Store nearby your place and throw your old pieces inside! You can’t cumulate your old bikinis though, which means you can use for example one old bikini and only get 5€ for purchasing a new one. So it is kinda one on one. Before I tell you about the really wide collection for this summer I have to tell you also what will happen to your old swinwear. 
It is actually a pretty social responsive campaign for ‘green’ seas, which is an important issue of our century.  The old pieces will be reused in all kind of forms like – for synthetic fibre in the building industry, inner linings of shoes, bags or cleaning towels, holstery and many many more…

As you can imagine, yes I did it. I recycled my bikini in order to get a new one and by all means I chosen good (and green may I say!). Although my decision was not easy. After trying at least 5 of the various Calzedonia pieces it was down to 2. A beautiful black swimsuit from the Mediterraneo Series and a color splash from the line Energy Breeze.  The colors WON!

The brandnew Calzedonia App can and will tell you even more than I do. It is super easy to use and it features all the new videos and has tips on how to wear the pieces in various ways. The testimonial for Calzedonia is this time the mesmerizing Sara Sampaio. APP Download HERE(for iPhone)! 

Sara Sampaio
Now all you have to do is to find one piece (and trust me you will find more than one!) and rush off to your next Calzedonia. The app will help you in locating your store and here is a little more extra help. I found an  interesting and pratical way to show you the variety of the new 2012 Calzedonia line.(ENJOOOOY!)
xx Chi
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