Porefessional Mission Catwoman – MEOWWWW!!!

by Friday, June 1, 2012
This week was a complete disaster! No Superman, no Batman, no Iron-Man!!! I have given up all my secret agent hopes to do super secret stuff or secretly help anyone – UNTILL TODAY!!! The Benefit Strategic Deck left me a message hidden in between my cute house bugs with my next mission and a mysterious secret weapon!
Oh no! I said and shown too much of my identity in the last action, so this time Secret Agent Chi really would have to play INCOGNITO and stay invisible during the whole operation. No problem Boss – then that’s how it will be! But the bigger question bugging me was: How the hell am I going to help Catwoman to her glorious dazzling look from her best days – when she found me speechless & looking all lost in space and time… HEEEEEEEEELPPPPPPP 🙂
No doubt! I need a ‘HOW TO BECOME CATWOMAN” plan and it better be good (and waterproof!) this time! It better be like WOW – like Oxygen WOW!
Ok Secret Agent Chi just stay cool- you have everything under control. 
1. Take the POREfessional and gently apply – make her skin peachy peach and smootie smooth!
2. Say goodbye to imperfect world and take a WOW with the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow and gently blend it over Catwoman’s face
3. More Wow comes with High Brow Glow a luminous pencil which gives in one perfect single stroke the perfect shimmer… (shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the Super Secret Agent Chi clue would be to apply it at the highest line of your cheeks, this will help Catwoman to stay fresh, no matter how many heroic mission she is up to…)
4. The Jet Black they’re Real Mascara is the grand finale spreading stardust all over the place. Dazzling   Eyes and a hypnotic eyewink which lenghten, curl, lift and separate you lashes…
Okay now a last CHECK IT OUT look: 
Looking good Miss Catwoman – but tell me how do you feel??? 
Catwoman: Fantastic! You gave me my MEOOOOOOW again with 
Benefits Ray Guns and Wow Glows 
The lashes go beyond Real, for Real!!! But, leeeeet me thiiiiiink for a sec… 
Catwoman (shortly after): I feel like maybe something is missing to get back to my Hero Duties…
Catwoman (yes again!!! well she surely found her words again): Yes! Finally gettin’ there with my Benefit BadGal Mirror to catch my Beauty and my Meooooooow Cat Mask!!!
Mission completed – Secret Agent Chi staying incognito gave Catwomen her WOW back! 
(but look for yourself best…)
She even felt brave to play hilariously with superman. The poor, poor guy with us SUPER GIRLS…
Cheerio my super readers. This mission surely got me sweating. Off I go now and you can read me soon again. Untill then be sure to check out all the BENEFIT SECRET WEAPONS HERE and vote for me by clicking the LIKE (just below this article) on the right bottom. Thaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuu
yr Benefit Secret Agent Chi
All photos made by me, me and only meeeeee…
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