7 Chic White T-Shirts

by Thursday, December 1, 2016

T -Shirt Chic? Yes, please all day, everyday. It is incredible how the plain white T is always sooo present within the fashion talk. (in case you doubt this, here a brief history of the white T-Shirt by VOGUE) The white tee works in every culture, for every age and social status and therefore is a timeless classic. It is the one of the most chic basics you could have. You can wear it to jobs, parties, events, jogging, while playing with kids, housecleaning, sleeping, yes – even to to red carpet. You could also take a swim and still look sexy in it.

It’s the most versatile piece imaginable too—the T-shirt can be worn anywhere, from the backwaters of New Orleans (Marlon Brando in A Streetcar Named Desire) to the red carpet.

Quote from Vogue: From Marlon Brando to Kendall Jenner ,27 of The Best Classic White T-Shirts Ever

Michael Kors said once (on project runway), a plain white shirt, a black blazer, good pair of jeans – and you are always dressed good to go, no matter which trends are coming or going. One more fact: almost every luxury brand/designer has at least one version of the white tee. Decades ago it was either simply the name of the brand across the chest, or the brand logo placed on your boobie. Now the variety of the white T-shirt just has no limits. It may not be a completely white t-shirt, but here the (actually my) rule – the less it has – the better it is. Simple, classic, always ‘instyle’.

And in case you mom doubted me – I will never be that girl or women you thought I was going to be. I am pretty sure, you know by now that I will never wear super serious blazer skirt suits. No! I guess my life is going to be marked with my shirts. I myself have really many of them. I am something like a white T-Shirt collector. Some are super old – hell I still have a ‘fruit of the loom’ white tee from my mom. Guess its at least 30 years old. It is very wide (80ies flavour) and it is soft and comfy. Rare and still living. So back to the beginning here are my 7 chic white t shirts – a selection for every day of the week and something for each one of you.The first one is the one within the featured image by ASOS. It is one of my all time favorites and the Woodie Allen White tee, old but still as good as it gets!

In order to proove my lines that a white t shirt can be worn whenever, I will soon post a story where I style one single white t shirt for every occasion.
Curious? You should be. Untill love kissez and white t’s!


Topshop found at ZALANDO


Saint Laurent seen at FORWARD


Topshop seen at Zalando


White T Shirt by Someday from ZALANDO (Shop here)


Elesse Boyfriend White T-Shirt seen at ASOS


Lagerfeld White Tee seen at Stylebop


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