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by Monday, March 5, 2018

Somewhere in between a Babychi virus, a birthday, a new job, new relocation (again!) a mail hit my inbox and made me think about how important it is to stay always active regarding alarming questions in society (which I currently totally pushed aside due to my new mum responsibilities and circumstances, a “love-hate state of mind” right now in my head). It doesn’t matter if you choose to support a students initiative, a gender movement or other causes which can improve the roles of individuals in our society. You should find something close to your heart and do something about it. And it is never too late! So you (and me) could actually start already today.

MY CURRENT SUPPORT goes out to the Students’ Impact Initiative and their first annual conference ONE DAY (see here their Facebook Event for more Infos). It is taking place this Friday (9th March 2018) on the WU Campus and it is going to be a great Brainpool among academics, civil society and the private sector. Three very big issues Waste & Food Waste, Gender Equality and Digitalisation are going to be discussed. The best part of the conference, in my humble opinion, is that this discussion will serve as a great problem identifier which will be shaped and the best ideas will be implemented afterwards by the Sii Austria Team. (beside the fact that you can meet great young activists and let them inspire/move you)

START WITH YOURSELF: I am fighting waste and food waste on a daily level as good as I can and always looking for ways to improve my behaviour. Especially right now I have to teach a child how to behave in order to preserve the planet for the next generations. Our micro role (by that I mean starting within you own household routines, on a daily basis) is the most important of all, because you have to start somewhere. Why not start with you? The Gender issue is an important part of my life as well, as I have studied and focused theoretically on the gender issue. I also got the chance to be a part of great women projects, cause my mum is being more than 10 years active within a Women NGO in Bosnia, which I support whenever I can. And Digitalisation, well thats a big cookie for me… Though I have an online presence, I still have to learn so much about it. There are so many digital shifts and tectonics happening right now, I sometimes feel like a complete digital idiot. I hope I will learn and discuss some a lot more regarding this topic also during the One Day Conference.

The conference is free for all participants. Everyone can register (here) You pick only one theme (f.e.Food Waste). The main language will be English  You can come with empty hands but an open mind. If we should crash into each other, say hi! Looking forward.

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    March 10, 2018

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