Martini meets United Nude (part II)

by Friday, June 14, 2013
Hey guys,

since you all know yesterday was vienna fashion night in the inner city. It was a lot going on in the city and we (at the casa UN) organized independently a cocktail for our special customers and VIPs powered by Martini Royale Bianco (my favorite drink by far beside the rosato). And by ‘we’ I mean my lovely crew at United Nude Vienna. So since the photos are so nice and my mom bothers me on and on, how it was – I have to post it. To defend my mom: I bothered her as well, weeks before as I went on with this whole project called Pink Flirtini Night. So what do you think? Does everything look perfect as it should? 
Yr bossy Chi
p.s. special thanks to Kevin, Sandy, Jelena and Maria who made all the realization possible…
when martini meets united nude = pink flirtini 🙂

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the lo res lo colors amaze me still after months…

splish splash…

this beauty is mine 🙂

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