Sunday time is garden (and salad) time…

by Sunday, June 16, 2013
I have my very own bio – ‘pflΓΌck’garden in vienna and I am in love with it from the very beginning. So today I brought home some radish, salad, onions and some leaf beet. What happens to the vegetables when I bring them home is very predictable. So here a short story in pictures… 
A very yummie salad with everything from the garden and a bit more. 
My bio vegetables from Haschahof
I killed it this time with seasoning. Herefore I mixed a kalamata olive dip, some pesto genovese, some olive oil, water and aceto di modena and I took also some chicken leftovers from yesterday. It was a fall-in-love-lunch. 
I also took the photos because vegetables always inspire me, looking like some jewellery pieces. Just an amazing afternoon for me. The happiest I could be now…
a visual fascination for onions…

those forms would fantasticly translate to fashion – i promise you this

the favorite kitchen help – a sharp knife

look at this form!!! like jewelery!
e voila – a salad with everything πŸ™‚

salad by chi – my mom would be proud πŸ˜€
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