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by Sunday, September 30, 2012
I want to show you really nice accessoires I bought in Greece. I did not shop a lot while on vacation, but what I got is really too nice, so that I can & will wear it a loooooong long time… 
Chilexions Accessoires by Tribal Collection Greece (the shells were fished out of the sea by chi)
I got myself a handmade ring and earrings while staying on Sithonia. I wanted to take something with me that is really authentic and also made in Greece, so I had chosen this small shop called Tribal Collection. 
Of course I wanted to take at least half of the shop with me home, but at the end there were two winners! One in silver and one in bronze. (as you can see there can be winners even without gold!) Both of my goodies are very classic just with a small twist and I think it is a beautiful memory from an even more beautiful vacation this year. And I am still in love with them. I think it hasn’t been a day since I got out without those two. For those who adore similar style as well – there will be an online shop with many products starting soon. You can check it out here >>> TRIBAL COLLECTION GREECE! 
If I manage to catch the launch date, I will post it guys. So untill then a few more shots. xx Chi
Chi’s new ring (Nailpolish by essie Cute as a button+Good as Gold!) 

I drink my coffee with love and nice accessoires πŸ™‚

I cut my hair by myself to make my earrings even look more beautiful!
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