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by Sunday, September 30, 2012
The little black dress has been a passion of mine ever since my earliest “style beginnings” so when the news came in there is a new scent called La Petite Robe Noire, I knew that it had to be and become huge… The new fragrance with that -oh-so-elegant-name- comes from the House of Guerlain Pafumeurs made by Thierry Wasser, one of the worlds famous noses and a magician when it comes to the art of the perfect fragrance.
La petite robe Noir always in my bag!
So I missed the fantastic brunch in honour of the new Guerlain perfume this summer, but I got the fragrance itself couple days ago and boy oh boy did I fell in love with the french olfactory version of the little black one. Not only the concept that a perfume can be worn as the perfect garment left me speechless, it was also the visual story behind the perfume and then there was the floral gourmand scent inside of the sparkly bottle…

by Kuntzel + Degas for Guerlain

The charm of La Petite Robe Noir lies in the black cherry, an anis-almond harmony, lush and juicy red fruits and bergamot orange within the top note. It has the power and the intensity of Muglers Angel but is a bit more subtile, although the gourmand experience is inevitable! The following note is mostly floral and consists of waves of roses, cotton candy notes and ends in a perfect patchouli base… It is  ‘an accomplished and perfect Guerlinade’ according to Guerlain and it is my new classic for the cold days!

The prices in Austria – 30ml for 55,00€; 50ml for 74,50€ and 100ml for 114,10€ – are a bit pricy, but worth every single penny!

La petite robe noire is intensely juicy and just a bit too much – so it is no wonder that is is the perfect one for me. It felt so good that I took the time to tell you my short photo story with my new ‘garment’. My La Petite Robe Noire Story is followed by the Le making of the visual story made by the le genial KUNTZEL & DEGAS, cause you have to experience the wonderful world they created for Guerlain.
Welcome to my favorites La petite one…
Enjoy away. xx Chi…

Chilexions La Petite Robe Noir Story- Elegance in a bottle
Chilexions La Petite Robe Noir Story – Elegance in a bottle
Chilexions La Petite Robe Noir Story – … seduced me…

Chilexions La Petite Robe Noir Story- …it dazzled me
Chilexions – La Petite Robe Noir made me want to take it anywhere with me

La Petite Robe Noir did not stop the seduction with me

Chilexions La Petite Robe Noir Story – a very happy ending…
And here is the short movie about the Le Making of the La Petite Robe Noir…

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