Exit Festival Day 3 & 4…

by Friday, July 19, 2013
My people, I am back from the festival and I am still updating everything that happened to me during the 5 days on the Petrovaradin Fortress. I am trying to get my voice back (literally!) Anyway, I decided to not let you down with the last two days and I have for you the story in pictures. My highlights of the last 2 days were: Definitely ATOMS for PEACE on the Main stage, which were one of the best of the whole festival, Steve Angello, Dopplereffekt, Nick Cave (though I do not listen to him permanently, the energy and presence that this man has is beyond amazing!), SBTRKT and Kerri Chandler as the crown jewel of it all. (the beats of the track sunshine people by Kerri, with the first sunbeams is still in my head)
I have to tell you that SBTRKT was one of the acts which made me decide that I would attend this festival at all, so now that I have seen him live on stage – life can end! :))))) 
I will however soon post a new article THE BEST OF NOVI SAD – that way you can check out the best places in town if you decide to visit the exit festival as well… 
Love peace & sunbeats
people moving to exitfest 2013
City Novi Sad at Exit Fest time

may I present – brewery GUSAN

smthg about GUSAN

Atoms for Peace at Exitfest 2013

Theres a light that never goes out – Pretty Girl at Exitfest 2013

The Dance Arena at its best, I mean fullest… exit2013

Good while it lasted – peeing on the fences…

and then there was Guetta…

Guetta at exit 2013

Lolobrigida at exit2013

The Girls Lolobrigida in Action

Riffs and Beats Stage exit2013

Colored mass – Latino Stage at exit2013

Chase & Status at exit2013

wow visuals at dance arena exit2013

one of my fav photos…

dance arena exit2013

dance arena exit2013

dance arena exit2013

dance arena exit2013

dance arena exit2013

dance arena exit2013
Nick Cave reaching out… it is a pity that backstage is another backstage…

Nick Cave in trance at exit2013

and again some dance arena exit2013 

dance arena exit2013

dance arena exit2013

dance arena exit2013

SBTRKT my absolutely favorite ASS πŸ™‚ at exit2013

SBTRKT at exit2013
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