EXITfest 2013 – Day 2

by Saturday, July 13, 2013
A lady “plays” the blues and how happy (novisad) is the new cool…

sweet talks at exitfest2013

Ana Popovic is a beautiful young woman originally from Serbia who plays the guitar like a Godess and  a lady with blues in her veins. Still the visitor number in limits last night at the Fusion Stage, while she was hitting the riffs of that guitar like an experienced alabama blues guitarist. I saw in her the strength and a fantastic vibe. The only thing missing in this whole vision of hers is definitely the smoke of a cigar, she would bite as she plays.

Ana Popovic at Exit Fetival 2013
Though everyone told me I should not write this I just can’t overcome myself without asking: 
Have we lost our sense for variety?
Why I ask this – simple as a pie. There are about 20 different stages at the Exit festival (which can be seen as good or bad, decide for yourself but there are just that many, okay…) and 18 of them were pretty much empty between 23h and 1h. Exception – Dance Arena! And if you are asking yourself now where the crowd was – the answer is Prodigy. I will not discuss their music, nor their musical achievements and milestones which created whole new subcultures and scenes back in their glory days – NO.
Le Grand – Dance Arena Exitfest 2013

Battleship Galactica – Dance Arena 2013

I will just say that it is a pity that you can walk the EXIT around seeing stages empty and kinda sad though the music was filling the air. This is not supposed to sound as criticism to the festival, this is just a wake up call for me. Are we all becoming the same? Is there a differentiation in music anymore? Where is the spirit when the people were chasing bands like Prodigy but only 15 years ago?
Are we missing the point somewhere in the middle of it all and in front of our own eyes?

Disko Zone at exitfest2013 
Peace and ballons at exitfestival 2013

ray of light at exitfest 2013

a small stage at exit fest 2013
I know… just too many questions. Though I have no answers I have a very good example as well on this same Exit festival – the HAPPY NOVI SAD Stage. A very small, alternative and always exciting line up, no matter how the circumstances in the organizational team of EGZIT is. Creativity to make the most out of what you have and passion is there, like almost every year now. So if you are not chasing stars like Fatboy Slim, Jeff Mills or David Guetta, take a look and feel the fresh vibe of this small stage right beside the gigantic dance arena. It is much smaller but it has a big heart and a lot of happy beats for you… Always happy, always your Chi…

HNS Exitfest2013

Happy Novi Sad Stage at exitfest 2013

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