CHInspire Best Nude Eyeshadow Palettes of 2016

by Wednesday, December 21, 2016


It is hard to choose a perfect nude eyeshadow palette which will serve all your wishes. Today matte, tomorrow shiny, on weekends black. Eyeshadows that will do their best during work, gym and party. All in one and sexy of course. It should look and act sexy. Well, as an makeup artist I have had some eyeshadow palettes in my hands. The giant ones, minikits eyeshadows, good ones, bad ones and all the ones in between, the cheap ones, the expensive ones, the one i got somewhere while working and I do not remember the price and so on. I think I do have some of eyeshadow competence to be writing this down. Surely have all the patience in the world for you to tell what eye makeup to choose, if you have a big or small pocket to spend. So just in time for Christmas 2016 – CHInspire best nude eyeshadow palettes are on.


Brow: Blackjack, Browarch: Blow, Eye: Tempted Instinct, & Lethal

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics PaletteAll Matte, All naked – brings it to a point. Actually I am not (to be precise I was not) a fan of nude matte eyeshadow. I just think you need a bit twist on your lid – something like demi-matte feeling. Just a tiny bit you know. But the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basic Palette is just a true dream and it even contains one little demi-matte eyeshadow beside 11 mattes, so thats all I needed to get hooked up with this love. First of all you can wear the matte eyeshadows everyday and everynight. Work, Party – both a yes. The colors are perfect for mixing and matching, combining cold and warm nudes and talking to lots of you girls and women out there. The Pigment Infusion System is keeping its promise. The colours are very creamy, full and velvety, it is hard not to faint while doing your makeup routine. Exaggerating – No! Imagine you can do contour, subtle highlighting, eye makeup and brow at the same time. My absolute highlight is the holy threesome by Urban Decay featuring Tempted, Instinct and Lethal. A brown smokey eye, yet with a cold undertone.


My fav three colours – one finger swipe covers up in creamy rich eyeshadow…

I have to say, I didn’t understand the Urban Decay hype until i tried it on my own skin. First look – unpretentious colours, beautiful packaging and a good double-ended brush inside. Well I am underestimating the shell – it was so sexy I could hardly look at it! The pretty much gigantic mirror (because of the square form) is just a cherry on top. And after my first try, I was really fascinated. You can countour the hell out of you, a smokey eye, a light or dusky nude look with just a few strokes. The richness of the colours lets you use small amounts of the product and still get great results. Its all in one palette with only 12 Eyeshadows. WoW. Absolutely worth the money (shop here) worth the hype and worth testing. The price is affordable and in the middle price section. So be sure to save a bit and get this royale feature to get you through the year. Soon: an exclusive Urban Decay online shop austria!

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basic Fact: MATTIFICENT!

Laura Mercier Master Class Colour Essentials Collection 2nd Edition(*Note – the Laura Mercier Double Impact Eye Colour Collection was out of stock – so in order to compare the products for you as good as I can, I will write down mainly the eyeshadow experience by Laura Mercier and rate it that way. But I will of course give an extra note, regarding the little extras behind the eyeshadow kit by Laura Mercier).

The best eye makeup palettes come before christmas. That way you can end your year glamourously and chic. This particular palette from Laura Mercier is truly the work of a genius. Containing Laura Mercier luster eye colour, matte and sateen eye colours the versatility has no end! 12 eyeshadows where subtle glitter  meets matte and velvet colours. You can create festive looks, both shiny and nude at the same time. Though it might look like a completely nude palette – this one has an extra joker (in my opinion!). It is called gilded pines and it’s almost an olive coloured shimmer luster eyeshadow. Usually are greens not present within the nude palettes, but this one is special. Something inbetween dark gold and olive within this eyeshadow is doing so well with brown eyes. If you combine Laura Merciers Gilded Pines with Pewter Dust – you create an extra portion of magic for you makeup look. The quality of the colours is amazing. Rich, textured and an amazing colour selection. Here you can also contour, highlight, create nude and shiny looks at the same time. Or break the rules combining matte with shimmery eyeshadows. The mirror coming in this box is just a another bonus this palette is offering (and I am loving the subtle laura mercier logo on the mirror). The price is corelating for the luxury you are getting. If you consider the fact that this kit contains even more (see *note) it is worth each penny. You can shop it here.


Gilded Pines and Stardust Pewter are my 2 favs!

Laura Mercier Master Class Colour Essentials Collection 2nd Edition Fact:



*Note – The Laura Mercier Master Class Colour Essentials Collection contains even more than just 12 gorgeous eyeshadows. Inside you’ll find: Two brushes, two tightline cake liners, a cheek colour, a face highlighter, a bronzing powder and on top of that a longwear creme eye pencil. This palette is just so much more – offering luxury makeup products all contained in one beautiful leather box. Here the Highlight – the tightline cake eyeliner with the flat eye liner brush. The liner lasts whole day without smudging and is very pleasant to apply. The cream eye pencil is also a power tool which can bring you flawless through your day. Though it is even harder to choose which products a women needs beside the eye colours – Laura Mercier did a magnificent job – offering a timeless makeup palette for every season of the year.


One finger stroke of gilded pines leaves me breathless! Products used: Laura mercier Espresso Bean: Eyebrow, Eyelid – Gilded Pines & Pewter Dust, Waterlid: LM Longwear Cream Eye Pencil


The Nudes by Maybelline New York – There are quite some nude palettes coming from Maybelline, The blushed nudes, the rock nudes and then there are the nudes. I chose the classic nudes, because the tones are suiting my eyes very good and, as I already said, I wanted something for everyday and -night. Well the packaging is very low key. You see immediately what you can expect and the tones are matte and shimmery combined. 12 little eyeshadows from taupe and beige to gold, bronze and noir. None of the eyeshadows here are completely matte. Either they contain just a few shimmery particles or are shimmer from a-z. The special thing about this Maybelline New York Eye Palette, beside the fact that you can create really a lots of Eye Makeup styles is the back, where you can find 13 Looks explained for dummies. It is always a little extra help and inspiration on grey days. Lets talk colour: rich colours, though I have the feeling that the shimmery eyeshadows are better pigmented than the demi-matte ones. The cold nude tones dominate this palette which I personally prefer more, cause I tend to have red eyes within the winter season (doesn’t come good with warm tones) The brush inside could be a help, but if you have brushes, use the brushes. When you handle this eyeshadows with good brushes, the results are amazing. Though the other two products spoiled me to my worst, compared to them you need a bit more product the get the same result. Still this eyeshadow kit is doing more than just fine. Though I can’t do contouring with this beauty but I can do highlighting, brows and of course beautiful makeup looks – festive, natural, cool. A smokey eye with some bronze on top is a minute away. The price is undeniable exceptional! When you want to save money, but do not want to get stingy with the product. The only thing actually wthdraws a point is the brush. Though some Makeup Artists tend to say, they work with the one from the box – I advise you – take a real brush and swipe away! Shop here & have fun.

The Nudes by Maybelline New York Fact:



  • this article is not sponsored! I tested the products not only on myself, but also during my work as an makeup artist…
  • my pictures are only slightly adjusted because of the lighting. All the shades presented have not been rotuouched in photoshop. What you see is literally what you get! if I do look old remember #oldbutgold 🙂
  • love kissez and stardust



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