Win Coachella Tickets!

by Friday, October 25, 2013
We can discuss about festivals on and on, but it is for sure that every single one of us mortals wants to visit the Coachella festival. (if that’s not your case, ask yourself what is wrong with you! :)) Now there is a chance to win 2 legendary tickets (flight+camping included) with 55DSL. All you have to do is answer the following question with a short looping video made via Vine App: 
“If you had to show off your city to the world in only a couple of seconds, what would you want people to see?” (dont forget to hashtag your story with #55DSLMyCity)
No matter where you find your inspiration in your city, hit the record button and get lucky!
For more inspirations and terms visit the 55DSL Page right here

Here one Vine #55DSLMyCity loop I liked…
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