Who are KAZAKY???

by Thursday, March 29, 2012

Well what I know under the term KAZAKY are Russian, actually Ukrainian men, who are always riding on their horses and fighting (for all kind of reasons) with their swords, dressed in very ethno clothes. I think that all of them were something like alpha males a breed that is still and probably only more represented in the sibirian area… 🙂

But who are the KAZAKY who are conquering the world in the moment? Well let’s try it the other way, everyone has seen the new Madonna Video Girl Gone Wild by now and everyone knows that she has a whole army of BOYS IN HEELS fiercely dancing their buts off in ultra-high over the top heels! Well this sexy group is actually an Ukrainian dance group – KAZAKY! 

Four beautiful young Men: Arthur Gaspar, Kyryll Fedorenki,  Oleg Zhezhel and Francesco Borgato joined forces back in 2010, made it in a rapid breakthrough of the year and had a meteoric fast 2011 with a number of music videos and appearances in Dsquared and Thierry Mugler Shows!

Here ist the 2011 DSquared Show with KAZAKY…

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