Valentines Recipe by Glossybox

by Sunday, February 9, 2014
Today I have a special Valentines Menu a la Carte from Glossybox…

Valentines Glossybox
Some of us adore it, others hate it – but no one (and I really mean no one!) can escape the madness of Valentines Day. One say – this is the day to be loved, others say you should be and feel loved for the whole year, and not only on Valentines Days. There is probably even more than a third opinion on this, but however…
My rule says: forget about what is right or wrong and celebrate yourself. Love begins with loving yourself. So do something good for your body&soul and try to work on your inner beauty. Trust me it will do miracles! And here a recipe from this years Valentines Glossybox with the full ingredients list…

VALENTINES Day 2014 – recipe with Glossybox
Valentines Glossybox 2014 – Models Own Nailpolish 
Valentines Glossybox 2014 – Emite Make Up Shiny eye shadow

Valentines Glossybox 2014 – Eucerin Auquaporin Body Lotion

Valentines Glossybox 2014 – New trend from Down Under AUSSIE Miracle Shampoo

Valentines Glossybox 2014 – Anatomicals Puffy the eye bag slayer…

If you should decide to get a monthly box for yourself, best if you check it out directly on The price – if you should choose to get a subscription for three months – is 13,00€. If you should choose it for 6 months, you get it monthly for only 12,50€. I wish you a very wonderful Glossy Valentines with yourself.
xx Chi

p.s. thank you Glossybox for the wonderful new box full with kissez…

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