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by Sunday, October 21, 2012
My Starbucks Reward Card…

It is already 2 weeks since I got to know the news at Starbucks. Not only that they had a Pumpkin Mystery to be solved in the 1st District of Vienna, there is also breaking news for the rest of us who didn’t found the golden pumpkin. Starbucks is launching the My Starbucks Rewards Programm which is all about collecting Stars. And since my universe is all about stars I will show you in a short video how it works: 

So first things first: you need a card, this you can get in any Starbucks in Vienna/Austria… Secondly you need to know that every time you use your card you collect stars. With 5 Stars you are already on the next level and you get a free Birthday Drink, Free Add-ons for your Coffee, a free Tall Drink if you buy a pack of Starbucks Coffee, free refills and other special offers which you get per mail…. 
It is helpful to registrate your card immediately. Not only that you get an extra star for your registration, no you can actually put money on your card and always pay with it. It it should happen that you loose your card – no problem. Contact the Starbucks Team and they will send you a new one with your money amount you had on the card! The next and final level you can reach with your My Starbucks Card is actually the golden one. You are finally there when you gathered 30 Stars and get always something, each time you visit your starbucks. I find this a very good program, because I very often visit Stabrucks. For any further information visit where you will find any answer for your question…
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