New YEAR (re)Solutions

by Monday, January 6, 2014
“Am I supposed to change or you supposed to change???” is actually a chorus line of Aaliyah and a constant question everyone asks at the very beginning of the year. I would very much like to change everything BUT ME, but since I know that there is abso-fuckin-lutely no chance of doing so, I am doing it backwards.

CHANGE (actually also known as a Sugababes Album) actually means staying the same but just getting new clothes, accessories, gadgets and boyfriends: 
1) Watch less Fashion TV and never ever visit their Fashion Cafe again! πŸ™‚ Actually I should only watch News and Arte since this is my age appropriate.

fashion tv cafe vienna – drinking flowers

fashion tv cafe vienna – what time is it?

fashion tv cafe vienna – inside

fashion tv cafe vienna – inside
2) Eat and drink whatever and whenever I have the wish to do so. No diets, no bullshit! (okay maybe drinking less while working would be good and drink therefore more at home!) So get on with those carbs πŸ™‚

Drinking my life like its golden…

3) Wear lipsticks with dangerous names: Provocative 863 Rouge G by Guerlain or Lady Danger by MAC Cosmetics are my top 2 man eaters!

Rouge G Guerlain Provocative 863 –  a very daring pink which I absolutely adore

4) Be a constant bitch in order to let others know to appreciate you more and scare the shit out of them! Or to put it short: (that could be also number one on the list)

5) Show you more of my humble photos. I always make thousands, but keep them always for myself aka in Pandoras Box. Such a selfish bitchy act of me. How else could you know how very talented I am???

Silence on the water…
Water Feminism

Museum of broken relationship – shop inside

6) Have a tattooooooooo! Exclamation Point!!!

7) Buy an iPhone 5S in order to make thousands of unnecessary selfies!!! (do not need no apps, just a camera please. Brand- Iphone)

8) Love my boy like no one else! Especially love him when dressing up with me like a crazy person…

9) I am perfectly sure I forgot a lot of things, but therefore I have a new year in front of me to enjoy and seize every day upon me. So smize with yr eyez and bite tight my bitches…

10) Don’t forget – 2014 is waiting for us… xx Chi

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