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by Tuesday, September 17, 2013
I actually never paid attention to labels which have the classy sophisticated touch, because I am everything but that (and may I let my mom know that this will never change, even when I am 50!).
That is probably the reason why the label MADELEINE always slipped through my hands and attention. This time though I managed to find some very nice leather pieces (and may I say the leather quality is really good!) for the coming autumn season. For me leather is eternal and universal material for clothing and combined with some basics it can look really chic without letting you look lady-likish.
Leatherette Look by Madeleine (yes the hat is not leather, but is so chic and suits very well the rest of the bunch)
So for all of you cool leather chicks I discovered the Leatherette Look. The Leatherette look can be worn all together, if you want to look like a femme fatale movie star going undercover (in this case, don’t forget the oversize shades) but my intention or suggestion would be to combine maximum 2 of the leather goods I have chosen for you. The thing for me is to never look over the top…
Hat by Madeleine for 89€
Lets start with the trilby hat I discovered at MADELEINE. A cool black hat can pimp every single outfit of yours and can add the special something to your whole look. Don’t be afraid to combine a hippie, grunge or androgynous look with this black hat. (and in case you need inspiration – look for the Kardashians – they are the queens of black hats)
The leather gloves: can let you look like a Domina or Catwoman BUT they can also make look like a rock star. Either combine them as a contrast or be sure that they match perfectly your outfit. 
Leather Gloves Long by Madeleine 179€
The leather peplum top – has been a must have for some time now, as you might have noticed it on some fashionistas like Gwen Stefani or Olivia Palermo. Combined good – it can give you the special finish to look like a fashionista by yourself. Just grab a short or some skinny jeans, some heels and you are ready to go! The higher the heels – the better and to show your waist even better, wear a black belt right above the peplum rendering. 
Peplum Top in Leather by Madeleine – 299€

And finally my favorite of the bunch – the leather pencil skirt. I think that like the little black dress, every woman should have a black leather skirt. You can wear the skirt with absolutely every shoe style – flats, boots, pumps, wedges, hell yeah I would even wear it to sneakers if they are cool enough. You can also wear it with t-shirts, silk tops, jumpers, sweaters – there are no limits with the leather black skirt… 
leather black pencil skirt by Madeleine – 249€

I hope you liked my leatherette style inspiration and you look forward to the golden season as I am…
Stay golden.

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