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by Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Isabel Marant Willow Sneakers

A month gone… (again)

And still it is all about Sneaker-Wedges. I thought it is only me who likes them and who will like them for ever and ever and ever, since I am not the highest one but OH SO LOVING Sneakers. So when those two decided to end up in a love affair and when a sneakers met some wedge (yes you can imagine!) there were fireworks in my heart. Of course you have seen already the Isabel Marant Willow Sneakers since everybody who is a somebody is wearing them, but since the lovely ones cost about 1200$ i want to share some sneaker wedges with you which are affordable and also worth their money as the stars among the sneaker-wedges. 

Ok here we go: 

My absolutely first choice which I am also getting for myself this month are the Ash Bowie Sneaker Wedges in Yellow or Orange (there are also pink ones which look kinda cool, but I am just not into pink so much) which cost 176€ and look really cool to me… (I think even if I had the money for the Marant ones, I would choose the ASH Model but I will never know this fact for sure :))
Ash Bowie Sneaker Orange & Yellow seen @ SHOPBOP for 

Second coming up: Lemarè 60mm Suede Strap High Top Sneakers seen at LUISA.VIA.ROMA which you can get for 183€ and which are the very look-a-likes of Isabel Marant Willows…

Lemarè Suede Strap High Top Sneaker

If you are more into silver the absolutely right choice would be the ELENA IACHI Sneakers with beautiful silverish accents… Seen for 259€ also at LUISA.VIA.ROMA

ELENA IACHI Bicolor Sneakers

The Detective between the sneaker wedges which is hard to see-through (I mean as if there is no wedge at all, thats how they look like) are the SERAFINI wedge sneakers for 226€. Blue as some adidas original sneakers for handball professionals 🙂

The final one are from River Island and cost about 50€ (precisely 40 British Pounds). Red as they are they are a perfect eyecatcher and a good start into the sneaker wedge love affair because it is not every women style – either you adore them or you absolutely hate ’em…

I hope I gave you some good choices depending on your pocket money. There are of course some lovely lovely ones from Chloe and co but all of them are pricey in comparison with my few choices, so… Wish you a lovely May start and lotta love. xx Chi

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  • Nagellackprinzessin
    May 1, 2012

    die ash bowie sehen mit abstand am besten aus!

  • Chilexion
    May 1, 2012

    Find ich eben auch, aber manche mögens mehr sneakerish 🙂 so richtig halt. Die Pink Ash Bowie sind sicher deins! Find ich…
    Huhu & Lg…

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