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by Thursday, April 18, 2013

One of the most amazing beauty shots reached me this morning. It is the face of the elf-angelic Givenchy Testimonial Liv Tyler. This represents the brand new Givenchy Croisiere beauty campaign with radiant products for the sunny days. The whole line will be exclusively available at Marionnaud Austria So lets see how much sparkle can a girl have…
We have a limited Edition containing: Reflet Precieux – a very light and non-greasy bodyoil with sparkiling effects. It is copper/bronze colored and gives you a very discreet shine just like on the Liv Tyler Photo. It smells like orange blossom and freshens up every face.  Price 49,90€
Givenchy Reflet Precieux…
Then there is Mister Radiant which has fine micro-particles which dissolve when applying to your skin. You can apply a few layers to get your perfect bronze look, or just use a hint of this creme to freshen up and get just the right portion of shine. Price 35,50€
Givenchy Mister Radiant
And Cheeky Love comes in form of Poudre Bonne Mine available in 3 colors. Price: 45,90 € at Marionnaud
Now that I have shared some sparkles, I wish you happiness and sun. Yrz Stardust Chi
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