Essie + Swatch = Love

by Sunday, January 27, 2013
If you combine a very precise Tick Tack feeling and Amour Feu: what will you get??? I will tell you: a unique chance for nail manicure in the Vienna Swatch Store at Graben 28! This Valentines Day all of you fashionistas out there have a chance to get a lovely (and by lovely I mean it literally) essie manicure. Under the motto: ‘manicure in the city goes valentine’ Essie created two looks matching perfect to the Swatch Special ‘A la folie‘ Watch. 
And here they are: 
Essie Dangerous tips – Photo by essie
Essie Dangeorus Tips can easily be created by yourself. All you need therefore is: essie status symbol and essie too too hot. For better results use also one of the special care nailpolish by essie. Essie nourish me and the topcoat good to go are the perfect choice. 

The second look ‘Take my heart’ is a creation with the two colors essie blanc and essie funny face. For flawless results use essie all in one base and as topcoat – matte about you.

Essie Take my heart look – Photo by essie
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