Essie Endless Love

by Tuesday, November 20, 2012
My absolutely favorite Nailpolish is by ESSIE! Here are three facts why I am obsessed with my nails this year (See here and here and my most favorite post here

First of all it has soooo cool names. Let me just tell you a few I have bought: tart deco, cute a a button, good as gold, butler please, lapiz of luxury. Sounds promising? Please let me continue…
Second fact – the bottles are just my vision what good design is all about. Lovely, Sharp, Handy and very modern…
Third fact (not less important!) the colors are amazing and they really keep the up the promise in every possible way like texture/color/endurance… So they can last and last and last and last. The most ultimative test I made with a essie nailpolish is while on vacation in greece and it was perfect for 10 days although I was sunbathing for days, like all-day long!
And for all of you who are waiting for a chance to buy essie nailpolish on discount – here the deal: BIPA Essie Set with 3 Autumn/Winter Tones for amazing 16,49€ (actually it is 19,99€ but with BIPA Card you get even -15% discount!!!) So go and grab it! It is the best present a girl can give and get…

and some swatch photos…
xx Chi

Essie A-List Swatch

essie a-list, lapiz of luxury, stylenomics and nice is nice swatch
essie experiment a-list + good as gold
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essie tart deco swatch – much loveeeee 🙂

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