Elie Saab Bling Crush!

by Friday, March 7, 2014

Die Pre Fall Schmuck Kollektion von Elie Saab hat mir in letzter Zeit neben Eva Fehren (siehe hier) schlaflose Nächte bereitet. Ich habe überall im Internet nach dem “Faust Armband” von Elie Saab gesucht und nicht mal auf der offiziellen Website etwas gefunden. Heute bin ich dafür extra zum Steffl und hab euch das tolle Teil fotografiert. Der Preis für dieses außergewöhnliche Elie Saab Schmuckstück ist € 480,00 und leider ist es für meine Hand zu groß. Ich finde aber alle Teile dieser Schmuck Kollektion toll. Anbei findet ihr meine Elie Saab Schmuck Lieblinge der futuristischen Kleopatra Kollektion. 

It has been a month that I have tried to find the “fist bracelet” by Elie Saab and I failed! Beside the fact that I do not know how to call it (not being a normal bracelet, not a ghetto ring, not a fist ring) I have not found it even on the official Elie Saab Website. So I made up a category called Fist Bracelet. It is from the very geometrical AW 13 Collection which I would and could buy away in a second. It is totally my style! Big, Bold, Gold, Straight! Today I went to Steffl Department Store and made a snapshot for you. The Elie Saab Bracelet or Ring (or whatever) costs € 480,00 and sadly it is too big for my tiny childish hand. (yes I have cried!)
Elie Saab Pre Fall Jewelry more cool bracelets 
I also adore the whole Pre Fall 2013 Elie Saab Accessories Collection which is not as elegant as his fairy dresses, but more interstellar Superheroine meet Cleopatra! Please have a quick look of my favorites…

Elie Saab Pre Fall 2013 Statement Necklace 

Elie Saab Pre Fall 2013 Earrings – Very Art Deco Style

More Elie Saab Necklace Blings 🙂
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2 Responses
  • James Pen
    March 9, 2014

    This crush pieces simply crushed me all the way. Simply awesome! This spectacular Elie Saab's range is all a women need to brush up their looks. See some more good ES pieces here online

  • Chilexion du Beaumont
    March 9, 2014

    I agree totally! And your ES pieces are also to die fooooor! 🙂

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