Crisis: What to wear to Techno Ball???

by Friday, January 17, 2014
How about a giant party with groovy DJs, at a great club in Vienna but themed as a ball??? Think this is not possible – well then you have to visit the Wiener Techno Ball tomorrow at Pratersauna! Club culture meets traditional viennese ball; Waltz meets Beats – is once a year a mixture you just can’t miss. Also on board NENI Naschmarkt Catering. If thats not a wrap, I do not know what is! Now decide what to wear and you are good to go!
What to wear to Techno Ball??? 
But back to #firstworldproblems – What to wear to such a fab event? (see video below)

Instead of having the problem: ‘I have nothing to wear!’ – I am more in a: ‘I have so much stuff to wear!’ crisis. I finally managed today to nail it down to 2 outfits for the big day. The common thing for both outfits is the semi transparent top, which I just have to wear. It is backless, it is comfy, it is black. But which skirt should I dance the night away??? You can now help me decide on FACEBOOK and vote for your personal favorite, because I just can’t decide! So please heeeeeeelp!!! Is it going to be Red Red Wine or Murder on the Dancefloor??? Stay techno. xx Chi

Techno Ball Outfit Red Red Wine 🙂
Techno Ball Outfit Murder on the Dancefloor
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