Coffee Party at Starbucks

by Tuesday, October 23, 2012
It is pumpkin time, halloween time, autumn time and time for a premium drink at starbucks. The new ristretto bianco is a perfectly brewed blend with a portion of milk (thats why it is called bianco guys) made by an expert called barista. It remind me of a cappuccino I have tried from Cem Korkmaz – an Austria Barista Champion – so that tells something about the new drink, right? I usually drink my coffee in the morning pretty black (and pretty much turkish :)) but the new Ristretto Bianco can really be the right coffee choice for you when you are meeting up with your friends and you don’t need something to wake up, but rather something light and to enjoy. A small tip – try it without sugar und you can drink it right away – because the temperature is optimal and the foam is sweetish…

I enjoyed my coffee party at Starbucksbig time. I was introduced to the PSL – Pumpkin Spiced Latte and the Ristretto Bianco and I got to meet more of the cool Bloggers there are in Vienna, like the MODEWURST… Here the pumpkins in pictures.
Yrz xx CHi
PSL = Pumpkin Spice Latte…

Starbucks Blogger Crowd

Starbucks Ristretto Bianco

Starbucks Coffee Party

A poor starbucks muffin…

starbucks to eat! 😀 Please try the reduced fat lemon and poppy seed muffin!!!
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