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by Wednesday, June 20, 2012
2night it was all about the well known love affair between fashion photography going cinematique and a lot more (political, performative…). The Projection was ‘shot’ (or should I say directed?) by Michael Dürr, an austrian photographer and styled by a young & upcoming austrian designer Agnes Aistleitner. The Bombay Saphire Drinks influenced a lot my pictures as well as the great music by h.anna and Stylekingdom! Wanna know how it was??? Decide for yourself… 
And the Eye Candies on this beautiful rainy night are: 
well if you look twice, you will see that the bartenders arm, the top of the bottle aaaaaand the “pipe” in the upper right corner have almost the same movement… Thats why I love it! If you think I am crazy – talk to my psychiatrist!
Very photographique – the electric chair or the chair of truth
I call it:  Made in Taiwan!
are the Apples from Bombay?
Well the DJanes are pretty much into apples…
The power of Graffitti -meets Photo -meets “Sculptures of flesh and blood”
the photo behind the girl is my favorite, I still try to recall what the name of it was???
i just love this one!
Warren Beatty – Splendor in the Grass Age
xx Chi
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