BYS #5

by Friday, May 31, 2013
Be sure to mark the 8 June in your notebooks, cause it is BACK_YARD_SALE my bitches. So who will be there and who will be square??? For next Saturday prepare some beers for breakfast and rush off to Pratersauna, to maybe collect some fabulous pieces from fashion people, stylists, bloggers and lot more fabulosity personas who will be selling their pieces away! 
My absolutely favorite as always when appearing in Austria – MILK!!! (can one say it often enough?! No! Would die right now because I didn’t get the white shirt back then on fashion check in!!! its a hard knock life…)

Facts: 8 June from 12:00pm-08:00pm; Pratersauna; more facts here:

Be sure to check them on facebook for all the news… BYS FACEBOOK
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