Autumn Colors – Carnival Starts!

by Sunday, November 10, 2013
Well, well, well… 
When suddenly your day gets visibly short, you can be sure you have sailed into autumn. The great depressions, the rain and coldness are marking your brownish/greyish days and all you want to do is to kill yourself! As soon as you go with this kinda of flow, the October is almost gone. Being the last day of October – I have a theory that Halloween is actually therefore there: to give you the power to play dead for a day,  get over your bad mood and start fresh into the november. How else you could explain the success of a bloodbath, where zombies and deadly creatures wandering down the street, are looking “pretty normal”? right?!
So anyway, of course I am like any other human being very dependable on the weather, but I choose to refuse the nude/brown/grey trends and try to kill it with Yves Klein blues, deadly magentas and dangerous reds. Instead of looking pretty normal on halloween I choose to be just pretty with a twist. I am kinda giving my affair with winter a second chance and making therefore a good start (beside the fact that I just love playing dragqueen at home while baking my pumpkin muffins). 
roy lichtenstein make up scenes…
I often choose my inspiration within arts. This time this was also the case. I have chosen to be a Roy Lichtenstein Girl somewhere between crying and drowning (and not calling Brad for HELP!). I find the pop art movement can give one instantly a good mood. It is about not taking “stuff” too seriously, about filtering your reality with boosted colors and with a good sense of humor and irony. And that is somehow I would describe myself as well…
What do you need to become a Roy Lichtenstein Girl??? (except good sense of humor?)

What you need for your Lichtenstein Look and lots of patience…
I first painted my face completely white with professional Kryolan Color. Then I marked my whole face with the REDD Pencil by Mac Cosmetics. That took me at least an hour and from there it was a piece of cake…
Roy Lichtenstein Make Up: I contoured my face with black lines (focus – eyebrows). 
I used the Black Khol Master Drama by Maybelline. 
Roy Lichtenstein Make Up: some Kiss Kiss Lips with Maybelline 14h Superstay in Color Ravishing Rouge!

Roy Lichtenstein Make Up:The final touch is the Mascara. Even with this pop art look! 🙂

The best thing about this beauty lesson is to share it with your girls. So throw on some make up and have a martini with your best girl. No better recipe than that!

NOTE*** I have chosen the name this article “Autumn Colors” because of the ADVANTGARDE contest, in hope of becoming a chosen soldier for their POWDER GANG. The Powder Gang is all about beauty and since I am a lot about beauty, but not only about it – I chose a special Pop Art Filter of telling you about autumn colors. If this is not your cup of tea – I understand, but what I can tell you surely is that it’s lots of FUNFUNFUN. And since tomorrow the carnival season begins – I find this beauty tutorial more than suitable…

Other than that I use all the mentioned products almost on a daily basis – no matter which season of the year, except the Kryolan Stage Makeup of course. 🙂
Stay Pop Art! xx Chi

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