Way to go Glossybox for July

by Friday, June 29, 2012
The brandnew Glossybox is the one that surprised me the most. It is not only the fact that I love the new Glossybox Box Colour and the deep blue fillings inside, (see 4 yourselves)
it is also the fact that I yesterday explored the new WIENERIN and stuck with the Loreal Color Riche Eye Shadow Combi and the beautiful Claudia Schiffer! The colors in the magazine were very intense and colourful though and a part of the shocking collection of the eyeshadow kits and the Ad looked really amazing! I was also amazed when I opened my Box and saw that I got the Color Riche Eyeshadow Set in my new Glossybox!!! A really practical way to follow trends, just wait and they arrive in a box!!! My colors were not quite the ones of Claudia – but I am very happy with my Beige Trench Combination…
My second Eye Catcher was the beautiful Alessandro nail polish with a perfect pastel color called – Happy Pink. It is really funny how this tiny bottle stole the show of its big companion Clearasil daily Clear Peeling (which btw. smells wonderful)!
Another Peeling comes from Origins – The modern friction peeling which is my secret watchout from this Glossybox and a really expensive product. So it is nice to test it before you rush of and give 47€ for 125ml (but the package is quite big I have to say!). 
Also very happy about the mask-One apple a day from Sans Soucis, but I have to see how it works and the La Roche-Posay Moisturizing Cream. After long sunbathing I think they will help me regenerating my skin 🙂
All wrapped up – the Glossybox keeps up my high expectation from May and is getting really interesting from time to time. More PLeaaaaSEEE!!!
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  • Nagellackprinzessin
    June 29, 2012

    ich hab genau dieselbe box ^^ die lidschatten sind echt wahsinnig toll und der nagellack ist auch LIEBE <3 😉

  • Chilexion
    June 29, 2012

    Voll!!! Aber clearasil ist ein no go!!!!! Habs wg. Duft ausprobiert, milisekunden wirklich und hab einen leichten ausschlag!!! Mit meiner routine vichy dann versicht es zu beruhigen! Ging zum teil…

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