Vichy Dermablend – Go Beyond the Cover

by Saturday, October 26, 2013
Go Beyond the Cover with VICHY Dermablend (starring Zombie Boy)

I love VICHY and I always ask myself why do I buy hundreds of products instead of buying the whole VICHY range and use it explicitly. Though I never succeeded with my plan, I have some of Vichy Products in my beauty case. But really to get back to the subject:  The new Vichy Dermablend is a professional solution for all the skin imperfections a woman (or man) could have. It covers almost everything from irritated spots to tattoos. Not only that the brand caught me, but also the campaign which is probably one of the most daring ones I have seen so far. I love when ads go beyond borders and in this case I find it pretty damn neat. Say hello to Zombie Boy and the most powerful cover make up by far – Vichy Dermablend. I am so trying this out ASAP.
Yr undercover Chi.

The VICHY Dermablend Range for Face, Body, Compact Makeup, Makeup Stick and the super strong fixing – powder

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