Too Chloe to be true…

by Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Roses De Chloe EdT 75ml – Price 89€

There are no words to describe you the feeling and the scent of Roses de Chloe. So why even trying? I will let the video speak for me.

Every time I close my eyes and smell this voluptuous bouquet of roses, I feel like falling into an ocean full of rose petals. That feeling describes it for me more, than telling you about the magnolias, amber or white musk creating the notes of this perfume. It is too perfect and my absolutely newest craving beside Love by Chloe (which is the best perfume ever for the cold days, especially the intense version of it). 
roses de chloe range
And while talking of Chloe – I want you to meet Ally – the brandnew solid necklace by Chloe which will hit the market on the 1st of October (Austria very unpredictable). 
Ally by Chloe -the new solid necklace
Speaking of fashionable ways to wear your perfume – See by Chloe Paint a Scent is – like the name tells it away – it is being painted on the skin! The little See by Chloe bottle is super cute, super fresh and not the classic essence of chloe. It is just more edgy, more candy, playful, charming a little bit unserious (in the best way possible), very parisian urban chic. The bottle looks like this:

See by Chloe Paint a Scent, Touche a Parfum… paint away…

And the fantastic and very french movie follows here…

I am becoming just too Chloe to be true!
Love (Intense) Chi

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