The Golden Glossybox June

by Thursday, May 31, 2012
The May is almost over and the shiny new Glossybox arrived. This time it is all about Gold Fever and what a coincidence – I am actually now for days in a golden rush (and hush :))) enjoying all the good things these days brought me.

This time the Glossybox contains even a surprise for the very special Mister you have in your life (and I do not mean only boyfriends here!). It is the Biotherme Homme Aquapower which is perfect for the summer, after long sun bathings to moisturize and calm the skin.

But back to the hot ladies stuff. The Golden Glossybox is filled with products you can create a complete look with. There is something for your cheeks – BM Beauty Blusher (color Velvet Dawn) that glitters and is full of minerals which are good friends of your skin. Then there is an Intense Lipgloss by Illamasqua (color Femme) for beautiful and hypnotic lips (hypnotic ’cause of the dazzling color!). Something sparkly for your eyes comes this time from -oh so much loved-ZOEVA in form of a Forever Eye Crayon (color Candle Light) and finally we have something for the nails from Spa Ritual in a beautiful violet tone called Heliotrope. Personally my favorite color to combine with gold is either violet or emerald green. So thats also a plus point from me.

Finally we have a refreshment which kinda left me speechless. It is a Q10 Beautywater which promises inner beauty… Well I don’t know about this one. It is not actually mine, because I am a believer in pure water and spar-killing stuff. So fact is – The Glossybox Austria is this time really shiny, offers a really good product range (minus the water) with which you can create a hot look in june. It also has a 10€ Code for which you can use in your next purchase. Still it is definitely worth the money, although it is hard to top the last Glossybox. If you want your sparkling combi in june you should definitely get it! More here –
Cheerio my golden readers…
Yr 4ever golden Ponygirl

The Glossybox Products Sketch – Yes – with violet Eyebrows to see the wonderfull Gold-Violet Combination is
(but stick to the violet nail colour still, okay?) πŸ™‚
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