The Amazing Glossybox April…

by Saturday, April 28, 2012
How cool is it to get the Glossybox April on a sunny, warm friday filled with all kinds of goodies you can wear immediatelly!?!?!?! We all know there have been some discussion about the new Glossybox Price (18€) in Austria, but here’s the deal: with the code glossy40 you can order your first Box 40% off – which means you get it for 10.77€ @ the Glossybox Austria Website. And I can tell you already: The new Glossybox Beauty is just amazing and worth the money!!!
But back to my track again: First things first! Put on the Essie Nailpolish ‘Nice is Nice’ and take your glossybox bag out for a walk!!! Everything else will have to waaaait…

Essie Nailpolish Nice is Nice
Glossybox Beauty Bag on sightseeing tour
Okay now that the bag has some sightseeing and sun-browsing behind itself, I can move on with the rest of the Glossybox. Beside the ESSIE Nailpolish (€9,99) the box also contains a beautiful and smooth MARIA GALLAND Ecrin de Gloss 185 (€14,50) and the color Fraise is just amazing! I am head over heels into this gloss!!! And it gets even better, if you are a fan of Maria Galland you can win one of five fabulous sets on Facebook Page
Maria Galland Ecrin de Gloss 185 – Fraise
Then we have something for the skin – Rau Cosmetics Silvercream 50ml! (thats the original size which costs €26,40) which contains Silver & Zink and is suited for very problematic skin. I have applied it only yesterday evening, but we’ll see what happens as I have very problematic and annoyingly sensitive skin. 
The Hair Product comes from JOICE and is a K-Pak RevitaLuxe (€29 for 150ml) which helps against hair damage and revitalizes the hair completely. 
Then we have KIEHL’S Clearly Collective Dark Spot Solution (€44,50 for 30ml) which will hopefully be a solution for my mom…
All together this Gloosybox is just amazing and I hope that it will deliver in future also such good products. Don’t forget your discountcode guys and have fun fun fun in the sun sun sun…
Thank you Glossybox…
The great 5 of the Glossybox Austria April!
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