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by Saturday, March 30, 2013
Kochabo Recipes made me feel spring…
The snow, rain, wind and coldness made it really hard for me last week to realize that it is spring (and Easter Holiday) already! The more lucky I was to test the service from Kochabo. I have heard a lot about it – positive and negative, but I have decided to test it and review it on my own. So here it comes – spring on my table thanks to the lovely Kochabo Team which provided me a sample Box for free. I got the 3 meal version for 2 people. 
The Kochabo Box Facts: 

– The Box contains recipes, as well as fresh, various ingredients for 3, 4 or 5 meals either for 2, 4 or 6 person and it is being delivered straight to your door. 
– The Box for 2 person costs 39,00€ and you can decide how many meals you want to cook within this price. 
– You place your order always from wednesday to wednesday (midnight sharp)
– The box is being delivered always mondays between 18h and 22h. 
– The recipes are constantly changing and can be seen at their site here >>> Kochabo Recipes
– There is also the possibility to choose a vegetarian Kochabo Box (just be sure to mark the checkbox while ordering)
– You can choose if you want to get the box permanently – every week and when you want to pause it. You switch easily between those two options on their site. 
NOTE: For all of you who also want a very special price for your 1st box, use the code XKZEK3 on the website while checking out and you get automatically a 20€ bonus for your first order.

The Kochabo Box Review & Experience: 
– Beside the really nice groceries and other ingredients, I also got a surprise by Tonis Freilandeier called Babette Eggs. Those are very special and rare eggs which are yummie yumm yumm. 
Bio Toni’s Freilandeier Babette – green…
– The three recipes from this week were just great. I am usually a very picky one, but I was pretty satisfied
– 1st one in the row was a Chicken salad with eggs and curry – easy and quick to make. I love dips, dressings and salads and I very often do some experiments regarding combinations. This salad dressing was very new to me and very delicious. Definitely a one to keep and reuse it in my further recipes. Here a before and after photo. Tipp: I ate the salad with some nice nut-bread (see 1st picture above!) and it is the perfect combination as well as a great meal. 
kochabo salad – before

kochabo salad after 🙂
– The second meal was one that was lactose and gluten free (and since I am lactose intolerant it was also definitely mine) Pork medaillon with ham-pole beans and potatoes. I have to say i love meat and especially the quality one like tenderloin – but the problem with this meat is that it has the tendence to dry out. Though the recipe was really delicious – I tend to think that the ham should be wrapped around the pork filet and the pole beans should be either prepared with butter or olive oil. The practical thing about the preparation meat with meat and groceries with groceries is that also vegetarians can share some of the vegetables. 
kochabo recipe – kochabo rezept
kochabo recipe – kochabo rezept
– The third recipe was carrot-rice with nuts and gorgonzola. I made here two portions, one with gorgonzola and one without (since I am intolerant to milk sugar) and I have to say that something was missing within my portion. I am sure it is the “smelly” cheese, something strong and spicy… 
kochabo recipe – kochabo rezept

kochabo recipe – kochabo rezept
– So to sum it all up for you. The Kochabo was really a nice change. It is comfortable to have the meals planned and all the ingredients in the house. The recipes are well thought and the portions are nice (we never could eat a meal completely!). The groceries were really good and fresh and the meat had very good quality. Some of the recipes could be slightly changed (depending on your taste) – but you get easily inspired when having such nice ingredients put together. I will definitely use some of the tips furtheron and try to experiment more with some things (the curry dressing was exquisite). I think I will also order the kochabo box again, when I notice that they have exciting recipes for me. The best place to check this out is the Kochabo Facebook Page with lovely recipe photos…
Other than that I would say –  It is indeed a nice service and the cooking-hour I had with my boyfriend was also a nice story for itself. We enjoyed the time. Thanks again to Kochabo and lets hope they will keep up the good work…
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