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by Tuesday, July 17, 2012
It has been a very long and a very warm time during our dear july! I was melting on every corner and possible place in this city and thought I was gonna just burn down. (yeah my other burning is concerning my job situation – I am working 50h per week, like duuuuuuh – like hello burn out!) 
So somewhere between my 2 burnings I got a very fresh and exciting invitation to try out some new cool drinks from one of my favorite spots in town – the Starbucks in the Inner City at BrΓ€unerstrasse! I mean how could I say no? (although I have worked all day before and I went there alone, which I usually do not do – but it was worth it) It was chilly and easy and I got to meet some people which I hadn’t seen in months and I got to try the new drink. Drums please – It is time for REFRESHA!

Lets do this with the music that represents this refreshment good enough…

So what is the Refresha??? 

It is not an Ice Tea and not a Juice and also not a Coffee. BUT: it has the extract of green coffee beans in combination with two very sexy variations: Cool Lime and Berry Hibiscus! So this new cold drink is somethink between an energy drink (because it contains caffeine from the green coffee beans) a juice, a smoothie and a tea. I do not know what it actually is – but it tastes really damn good. It tastes actually so good that I am going to replace my old favorite drink Iced Lemon Green Tea with the Cool Lime Refresha! 

So if you haven’t – try it out! Splish splash are you taking a sip???? ReThink how you ReFreshΒ°
And if you are still not sure – here some photos from the event…
Thanks for having me Starbucks!!!
I’ll be back very soon!
p.s. unfortunately I do not have any photos of the guy from switzerland who presented the story behind the refresha drinks, but he surely was at least as fresh as the drink…
p.s.s. sorry for bringing that up!!! :))))
a very happy Refresha barkeeper with my cool lime

mixing our Refresha drinks
chi with some Refresha add ons πŸ™‚
a very happy Refresha crowd with our DJ
very happy feet bouncin to the chilly beat
very sweet cake – yumm yumm yumm along the new Refresha
a very happy Refresha drink (not so alone anymore) thanks to PETRA
a very Happy PEZI + Chi!!! Refresha Babes!
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