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by Friday, November 22, 2013
Since I am an absolutely glasses obsessive, today I have (yet again) some fresh news from Denmark for you. 
Fleye POP mix & Match – Fleye Dang S 704 (Price ca. 349€)
Fleye is launching a brandnew collection called POP mix & match! The eyewear collection is based on the classic and probably most desirable style  – the aviator. The round shaped frames compliment almost any face and come with a little popping extra. Between the top bar and the bridge of the glasses (thats the binding spot in the middle) is actually a replaceable part which you can easily POP in and out. Every pair of glasses comes with three different colors of those replaceable acetate pieces. That way you can customize your glasses and suit your clothes (and moods!). The temples are cylinder shaped and colored as well which underlines the playful attitude of the POP glasses. Still this collection has all the usual Fleye features – light as a feather, highest comfort, unique materials…
I just love ’em. They remind me of 70ies aviator style of Steve McQueen featuring Andy Warhol (or even better Roy Lichtenstein). They are not too serious, but still very cool. My favorite is the Fleye Dang (see picture above). If you also like the Fleye POPS there is good news. Since they are being launched these days, there is still time to get them as a christmas present at one of your optic retailers.
Stay Fleye folks…
xx Chi

p.s. Since there is no online shop yet (I will inform you as soon as this happens) you can contact FLEYE directly via Facebook for more questions or orders.

Fleye POP mix & Match – Fleye Lan S 804  (Price ca. 349€)

Fleye POP mix & Match – FLEYE Logmar S 502  (Price ca. 349€)
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