MissBEHAVE with Smokey Eyez…

by Monday, February 17, 2014

Last Saturday I had again the pleasure to work with my favorite crew (lots of love to helmut & olga!) and the pleasure to do what I like most – MUA in Stylingcorners. This time it was at the U4 Missbehave Event! Missbehave is a girls special, happening every two months. Free Drinks, cool stylings, bouncy music in an exclusive separate lounge – what can a girl wish for more on a saturday evening? Right – cute guys. Those come after midnight when the curtain is lifted and all becomes one… Literally ;). 

But lets talk make up! I had the honor to work with MAX FACTOR Products Saturday evening (here a special shoutout to MaxFactor – thank you guys). You can imagine most of the girls wanted some dangerously smokey eyes, to give their party outfits even more expression.

Here a quick wrap up “How to do smokey eyes” in a minute (or two). I used following Max Factor products: 2 of the Wild Shadow Pots in completely opposite colors – Max Factor 10 Ferocious Black and 25 Savage Rose, Mascara Excess Volume Extreme Impact. I did a DIY Home quickie for you guys…

– Apply first the black eyeshadow, richly. Don’t be afraid that you will do too much or too dark, you can even be messy!

– After that take the light eyeshadow and work yourself from the corners of the eye to the lid. Blend the corners the way you like it best. Take more of the light shadow where you want to “erase” the blackness, and less where you want it to stay and be powerful. You don’t even need to have a brush, your fingertips will do. If you should use too much of the dark eyeshadow, take something away by using fluid makeup or concealer.

– Apply the 2 steps mascara. This is how it goes…

Ande here some impressions how my evening was. If you ask me how many girls I have polished up, I really wouldn’t know. I just stopped counting at some time. It was fun though… Such fun…

Later on it was sooo crowded that it was insane. Here a photo by Conny a legend from U4 which shows some of the girls I layed my hands on that evening… 🙂

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