Mirror, Mirror – Who is Eiko Ishioka???

by Wednesday, April 11, 2012
The Story begins – Once upon a time… Or was that some kind of different beginning??? Well I saw 2night Mirror, Mirror with a dear friend of mine who is also very into Fairytales and who I haven’t seen in a long, long time. Okay just to tell you right away, I will not talk so much about the movie which is in my opinion too scary for kids, tooooo far away from the real story (and that not necessarily in a positive way) and with a crew which is not convincing at all – NO! I do not want to talk about that. I wanted to tell you about my perfect distraction who made me sit there for two long hours. 
The Costumes…
The first glimpse made me fall right into it… The Queens Gown and the one from Snow White made me think that those were Couture Dresses from a famous hand like Gallianos or perhaps some old McQueens ideas. Anyway the costumes carried the story till it’s bitter end and I was like in a real Fairytale. I kinda had the feeling that the movie was only and particularly made just to present the breathtaking gowns. The Costume Design reaches its PEEK during the WEDDING SCENES where the attendants were just pure perfection!!! Flawless gowns from the beginning to the end. And then there were the last words: 
In The Loving Memory of Eiko Ishioka…
Eiko Ishioka is actually a world known Costume Designer who won the Oscar, a Grammy, the Cannes Film Award for production design and so on and on… She designed pieces for famous operas like Wagners The Nibelungen, Cirque de Soleil (Varekai) and even the complete last tour of Grace Jones… She died this January at the age of 73. She leaves behind a wonderful opus of her artwork… I hope you will let yourself inspire by following images and you search and see her other works like 

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