Love is in the Hair…

by Sunday, October 27, 2013
Here are some tricks how to avoid the bad hair days in your life.

The HAIRCUT – be sure you cut your hair every month or two and choose the best technique to suit your hair. Since I have very silky, straight and light hair I can give you advice on how to treat this type. I have discovered a new cut technique called the Calligraphy Cut. 

The calligraphy cut wondertool

It was presented during MQ Vienna Fashionweek and is now available at Chaos Hair Salon Vienna.  It is a very special method to give your hair more volume, movement and fullness. Be sure to check the following video to get more details about this new hair wonder. 

After you have the perfect haircut, you need the right HAIRCARE. Here a selection of the best products I have tried out and I am using currently for my hair:
I wash my hair with NIVEA Diamond Glow Shampoo and try to massage my head whenever I have enough time to do so. Afterwards I use the NIVEA Volume Sensation Conditioner. The Shampoo gives me the right glow and the conditioner is adding up some extra volume. The duo works just perfect for me. 

the perfect duo for fine thin hair – Nivea Diamond Volume Shampoo and Nivea Volume Conditioner

Before starting with drying, and it doesn’t matter if you blowdry your hair, or if you leave it to dry naturally – I use one or two drops of Mythic Oil. (2 drops if blow drying and one if not) Gently apply all over your wet hair. The goal is not to get your hair oily, but just to moisturize it slightly and to seal your hair tips.
Mythic Oil Treatment is a must before drying my hair…
My Finish – The Kerastase Short Mania. Take a bit and work it into your hair. If you want it sleek, be sure to work it smoothly into your hair and if you want a wild style – rough it up as you wish. 
Kerastase Short Mania for sleek or wild looks

The right Hair Accessoires – be sure not to stress your hair too much with hair ironing, curling or too hot blow drying. Be also sure you have a good brush (that is really important and underappreciated) and whenever you have time to comb your hair, do it – the longer the better. I sometimes do it for minutes with a 100% natural rough hairbrush I bought at Müller. What works for me good is also to spray the brush once or twice with  got2b Öl-la-la Styling Spray and then brush my hair. That way I do not have too much of the product in my hair and it doesn’t get greasy that fast. Try it out – I think that works about with any hair type! 
good hair brush sprayed with your favorite finish product can work wonders – here with got2b öl-la-la stylin spray
Your HAIR COLORATION is also carefully to choose and trust me because I had any color you can imagine. (pink, green, blue, violet, blonde, black, red, ombre in black-red like 10 years ago – did I forget something?) The one I have used most recently is the Syoss Tokyo Black from the Syoss Stylist Collection. Though I liked the end version I have to tell you that I almost died when I saw the emulsion turn red! I do not like red-violet tones. If I choose something violet, I want it to be very cold, very dark and very violet and not something similar to mahagony. So that went good this time, but I am still in search for that extra extra violet hair tone for my hair. So if anyone knows anything about violet coloration – let me know!

Syoss tokyo black – my latest discovery (p.s. do not be scared when the emulsion turns red, it is going to be violet – strange but true)

My hair is usually very sleek and very straight, so I have never ironed it before, but sometimes I do use the Remington CI6219 Stylist Easy Curl to add some waves and change my look. The Stylist is easy to handle, the color is to die for, the price is really more than okay (29,99€) and my hair looks really nice (and twice as short when I curl it). I do not do this often, but every once in a while.

Remington CI6219 Stylist Easy Curl

So that was about it. The story about my hair. Surely I use also many more products and I like to try out new stuff. But this is about it for now. One more hint I can give you on your way – and this is not exclusively regarding hair – is: Less is always more and always remember:
Love is in the (h)AIR! 🙂
xx Chi

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