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by Saturday, March 23, 2013
When did it happen that I forgot about the coolness and excitement of cocktail hour? Just some nice (and not to loud!) music – Motown record beats and cool lyrics like: Living your life like it’s golden (for example from Jill Scott), some interesting people and the best flavors life can treat you with… 
I was nicely reminded how good this all actually could feel, last Thursday when I was invited to joma – a cafe/brasserie/bar in Vienna 1st District – Hoher Markt 10. The Blogger Coctail I was part of, was all about the The New Classic Cocktails created by joma
I haven’t been there before, but I heard the good gossip about it, since it opened last December. The rumors were true: the design is a really nice combination of originally restaurated interior and some new design elements. The menu of joma vienna is full of exciting recipes and the range reaches from nice breakfast, quick lunch, cool cocktail, or mindblowing dessert… 
Back to the Cocktail Card which you can also view fully here.
joma wien – joma vienna coctail selection
We tasted all of the fine nine selection. From here on I will try to show you some visuals, with a few comments on what impression ‘the classy ones’ left me with. So lets get started: 
New Kir by joma vienna
  We started our trip with the New Kir Cocktail. A very fruity light and sparkling creation with Champagne, Creme de Cassis and blueberries. Good for starters, refreshing with lunch I would say.
Negrino by joma vienna
Second in the row was Negrino, a very bitter drink with Gin, Martini Rosso and Crodino. Though the taste was not so mine, the whole creation looked amazing, especially with the lovely glass and the orange spiral. I would drink it only to very sweet and caramel/fudge like deserts. Maybe it is the color which alludes me to this, but I think also it would be a good combination – a bitter sweet symphony.

Our Cocktail Master shaking the Berry Mix! photo by joma (from Joma Facebook Page)
The third in the row was Berry Cream – a cocktail I didn’t try because of my intolerance to lactose. But it looked sooooo pretty. (you just can’t have it all, right?!). The more I was happy to the sequel to Berry Cream. Drums please: let me present you my absolutely favorite drink of the bunch – GIN BASIL a very refreshing sour drink, with lemongrass, soda, limejuice, gin and eldersirup. It’s not too sour and not to strong. Just the right longdrink for me… 

Gin Basil by joma wien
gin basil with jomary’s baby – by joma wien
Jomary’s Baby is a very sweet drink with three kinds of juices: lemon, pineapple and red currant, also Vodka, Malibu and Fraise De Boise. The Malibu taste  is just a bit to heavy in this whole composition and it takes away the freshness of the juices. The strawberry liqueur was also a note too sweet but I can imagine that some sweet lovers among you will enjoy this drink a lot.

Flammkuchen Catalán
In between we had some delicious snacks like the Flammkuchen Catalán with spicy ingredients and dough which left us discussing how it has been made. The promise I got that evening is that the lovely and talented blogger Sonja from Compliment to the Chef will surely try to make an authentic copy at home. Hope to read that soon on her blog, ’cause it is definitely delicious and you can combine the topping like endlessly. 

flammkuchen catalan by joma wien
and then there were the sweets – by joma wien

be sure to drink lot of water when tasting alcoholic drinks. it’s the best precaution to hangover! 
The shootingstar among the cocktails was the mango mojito. The crashed ice just wows me visually and the ice overload is underlined with the mango taste overload. It is delicious but the fruit is very present and ‘pushy’. It contains both – mangopulp and mangosirup as well as rum, lime, brown sugar and soda. It may come better to me with just one kind of mango in it, cause this may be just too much. I also have to say that sometimes I am though in mood for especially drinks like this! So it is my second favorite beside gin basil.
Mojito with a twist – Mango Mojito by joma wien

When this drink came to our table I thought hello sexy. The pinkish-red silhouette surely posed and looked good n front of the camera and it also made an impact while tasting it. It is very strong with the alcoholic ingredients – tequila and cointreau and those two together heat you up in a second. So be careful with this lady called Graparita.

Graparita by joma wien
The french jamaican cocktail by joma was the one that didn’t left a special impression on me. It is something between the mango mojito and jomary’s baby. We called it JUGENDPARTY or JUGENDSÜNDE cause it contains a lot of alcohol (rum/cognac) and lemon, mango, pineapple and orange juice. The glass stayed almost full, so it may be that some of my neighbours shared my opinion on this one. (picture – the glass in the middle)
the jamaica trio or new coctail classics by joma wien
The last boy was also the strongest one – Padovani, so we left that one for Oliver. It has only two ingredients: whiskey and st.germain liqueur and it gets better while watering up from the ice cubicles. It is really really strong and I am so not a whiskey fan. 

We also took for fun a before and one after photo. It is also a reminder how cool it was. I loved the company of Sonja, Oliver and Anna. They were the last secret ingredient to this very lovely evening, lots of chit-chat and funny stories. Hope to do this soon again with the same crowd…

before photo at joma wien
after photo at joma wien :)))))
All summed up: GIN BASIL is my absolutly favorite one, followed by Mango Mojito (maybe with a bit more soda) and bronze goes to New Kir. The most elegant one is definitely the spicy Graparita and for  the cool guys among you is definitely the Padovani (which is getting better when ice rarefies it). For me definitely a musst-see again with just the rite-bite… For more pictures and other novelties check out the JOMA WIEN Facebook Page.
Cocktail Hour is so in again…
Love & Kissez
p.s. for all of you who are going out for cocktail hour tonight, here a musical intro to you hopefully lovely evening…
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4 Responses
  • Disi Couture®
    March 26, 2013

    I love the before and after photo of you guys! 😀 (thumbs up)

  • Sonja
    March 26, 2013

    Aaaaahhhh, das "nachher" Foto! Oh no! Nein, Spaß, finde ich sehr lustig, wird gleich geteilt, hab ja auch selber (noch) keinen Beitrag geschrieben. Flammkuchen wurde übrigens gestern erfolgreich nachgebacken, muss ich nur nochmal wiederholen, weil's schon zu spät war zum fotografieren. 😉 Alles Liebe!

  • Chi
    March 26, 2013

    Sonja, ist doch nur gespielt und außerdem sehe ich ja wohl am schlimmsten aus und habe es trotzdem gepostet… :))) Flammkuchen bitte herzeigen :))))

  • Chi
    March 26, 2013

    danke danke 🙂 ist aber gestellt :)))))

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